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Let's change the rules

Our story


We accidentally bumped into Period Underwear during the Covid lock down, and we were triggered. It is a beautiful sustainable innovation to reduce menstrual waste.

Our (bonus) daughter was 10 at the time, and we noticed that the subject menstruation was very awkward to her and her friends. It is humiliating to talk about the subject, as she says, and the friend that already has her Period doesn’t talk about it with friends (we know it from her parents).

Gosh would it be nice for her if we could just talk about it.

So there’s a big job to be done to get menstruation and incontinence out of taboo. There’s also a lot of information to share about all kids of assets of menstruation, the cycle and hormones that rail during different parts of the cycle that can clarify how you feel. And even then I might have missed out on topics.

Our aim is to help women and girls with our comfortable menstruation and incontinence products, and to help getting the subject menstruation out of taboo, to inform and to contribute to reduce period poverty (see our giving back page)

Our mission

We embrace freedom. Periods and incontinence are part of life, and should be addressed like that, with all the uncomfortable emotions and feelings that come with it. It shouldn’t limit our freedom. No leaks, but feel free to do whatever you want to do. Take care of yourself.

Our products give you female dignity and style for the days you have your period urine loss or that you want to feel more secure.


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