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Every period is different. Some periods are heavy, some light, fluid or different. It can also change during your period. Even the velocity of blood loss can differ. Analyse your own flow to find out which moodies absorption fits best for you!

The garment comes in absorption levels of 1 to 4 tampons, you can check here which level fits your flow or leaks best. This can change during your Period.


Flow: 5 ml, 1 tampon or 2 teaspoons of urine/blood.

For: comfortable on light period days or days that you just don’t feel confident; to catch that last drip. Or for instance for sports when having light bladder leaks.


Flow: 10 ml, 2 tampons or 4 teaspoons.

For: a light or moderate day of menstruation, or to be more confident while sporting or working when suffering light incontinence.


Flow: 13 ml, 2-3 tampons or 5 teaspoons of blood or urine.

For: confidence and comfort at normal to more heavy days of your period, or wee leaks when pregnant, or after your pregnancy or when in your menopause.


Flow: 18ml, 3-4 tampons, 7 teaspoons.

For: comfortable for more heavy days or nights in your period and more secure when having wee leaks for instance after pregnancy or when having (had) your menopause.


Flow: 20ml, 4 tampons of 8 teaspoons.

For: the heavy period days, very comfy for the night, clean sheets. Or more secure while suffering wee leaks during or after pregnancy or during/after menopause.

+ Super

Flow: 35ml, 5-6 tampons of 11 teaspoons.

For: the heavy period days or for feeling more secure, extremely comfy for the night, also when you like to sleep on your belly. Or more secure while suffering wee leaks.

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