incontinence underwear

Moodies incontinence underwear are very pleasant for mild urine loss, which many women suffer from. This can occur after childbirth, or because the pelvic floor or bladder muscles become weaker. With Moodies you can get rid of panty liners or other bandages that often contain a lot of plastic and chemicals. Just wear comfortable and nice undies and feel free to do everything you want.

feel free with our incontinence underwear

Do you recognize that, that you are already looking for the nearest toilet and then you have to cough, laugh or sneeze and… oops. If you think you're the only one, don't worry. Incontinence is a common problem. In women over 35, 25% already have to deal with this, and that percentage increases as we get older. Causes include pregnancy, menopause, diabetes and old age. Whatever the cause, it affects your quality of life. Stop stressing about your incontinence with our washable incontinence pants and feel free to move.

the benefits of incontinence underwear

Experience the benefits of incontinence pants for yourself. And you don't have to do this in 1 day, you have no less than 40 days to decide whether incontinence undies are something for you. Discover the following advantages:

  • No problems with leakage: our incontinence pants absorb up to 20 ml of urine loss
  • No problem with odor: due to the antibacterial washing of the absorbent layer, no unpleasant odor is created
  • No more stress: searching for the nearest toilet is a thing of the past and you no longer have to think about whether you have enough panty liners with you
  • No more disposables needed: you're done for 8 to 10 hours. This not only saves stress but also many panty liners

absorption levels

We offer 6 different levels of absorbency for our washable incontinence pants. View our absorption page and discover your best incontinence pants that match your urine loss and your style. With the right absorption level you can wear our incontinence pants for 8 to 10 hours. Once you have decided which level and style you want, you can order your incontinence underwear.

What do our adult incontinence undies look like?

When you think of incontinence pants, you picture practical, white underpants. That is no longer necessary. Choose from different styles of reusable incontinence underwear such as seamless pants or black incontinence pants with lace. All our washable incontinence undies have the same construction and are all made from OEKO-TEX certified fabric:

  • Fine sports fabric: this layer is in contact with your skin. It allows moisture to pass through easily and dries quickly
  • Antibacterial fabric: this absorbent layer is in the middle of the incontinence pants. This is a kind of terry cloth that absorbs and distributes moisture. This fabric has undergone an antibacterial wash, which makes it hygienic and hardly releases any odor
  • Waterproof fabric: the third layer is a waterproof fabric that prevents you from leaking. This fabric is waterproof yet breathable. You can compare it with a thin rain jacket (without PFAS)
  • Bamboo or nylon: you do not buy cotton incontinence pants from us. The outer layer of the bikini undie, hipster and boyshort is made of bamboo. Bamboo incontent underwear can absorb moisture well. The seamless high waist hiphugger, the seamless hiphugger, the classic brief lace and the cheeky are made of nylon

washable incontinence pants: wash

Have you received your incontinence pants? We understand that you want to put the pants on right away, but it is important to wash the incontinence pants before first use. This is necessary to activate absorption.

Have you worn the incontinence pants? Rinse the pants first before putting them in the wash. Wash the pants at a maximum temperature of 40 degrees and do not use fabric softener. Hang your incontinence pants on the line for the night or day after washing. The dryer can cause the technical fabrics to lose their effectiveness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you also use menstruation underwear for incontinence?

Moodies are ideal if you suffer from mild urine loss. 1 in 4 women will eventually suffer from this.

Especially when exercising, it can be very pleasant or just to feel confident.

The antibacterial washing used for the fabrics in the gusset ensures that no odors are released and it is hygienic. The waterproof layer ensures that you do not leak through. You can find more information about this in our blog about urine loss

Won't it smell?

The first and second layers in the gusset have undergone an antibacterial wash, allowing you to wear moodies hygienically for 8-10 hours. This washing remains active for approximately 50-75 washes.

If you are bothered by odors, it is best to give the pants a more intensive cleaning. You can read more about this on the How do was my moodies page.

Which absorption to choose for light incontinence?

If you buy pants for the day (and not the night), we recommend choosing from pants with an absorption light to moderate-heavy.

These crosses do not extend to the front or back, which is not necessary because urine is quickly absorbed by the absorbent layer.

How can I best maintain the pants?

Wash the pants before using them for the first time. Wash the pants at a maximum of 40 degrees, this can be done with your other laundry. Without fabric softener. The pants should not be put in the dryer, hang them inside out to dry. Check our washing instructions for more information. (add link)