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moodies, how do they work

what are moodies undies and how do they actually work?

Underwear that can totally replace your pads, cup or tampons while you have your period or any other leaks.

We at Moodies use the best technical fabrics in the gusset to absorb and spread fluid while feeling dry and without odour, and make sure you do not leak. The upper layer of the gusset, against your skin, is a fabric that keeps you feeling dry (like your sportshirt), while letting through moisture easily.

All are breathable fabrics that feel natural and had an antibacterial washing that prevents odour and is hygienic.

do i have to wash my moodies before using them?

For sure! That’s actually very important.

Not only from a hygienical perspective but also because the absorbic fabric doesn’t work well if it isn’t washed first. You can compare this to a new towel! It’s not easy to get dry if it isn’t washed first.

So wash your moodies first at 30 degrees. And please check the washing instructions!

do moodies also work for bladder leaks/incontinence?

Moodies are perfect for handling bladder leaks. 1 out of 4 women ultimately suffer from this.

Especially when sporting it can be very comfortable, or just to feel confident.

The techniques used within the gusset prevent odour and keeps you feeling dry. And most important; no leakage.

can i use moodies when i have a heavy period?

If you have a very heavy period we advise to use moodies in conjunction with a cup or tampons. We also advise you to choose the absorption level heavy or heavy/overnight.

When you suffer from extreme heavy periods, it could be wise to consult your general practitioner to prevent complications later in life.

is it hygienical?

Absolutely! We use an antimicrobial treatment to eliminate bacteria and odour, which is necessary to maintain hygienic freshness. This makes that you can use moodies up to 10 hours.

how often/how many years can you use moodies for?

If washing instructions are followed, moodies can be washed for at least 50 times. So depending on how much you wear them you can use them at least for 2 years.

does it feel wet?

The upper layer is made of a fabric that easily lets through menstruation blood or urine leaks and keeps you feeling dry.

If you have always used tampons, you will have to get used to the feeling that there’s blood flowing into your undies. Which is ofcourse very natural.

We advice you to use your moodies first when you are a day at home or for the night.

what absorption should i choose?

Every body has a different period cycle. So you will have to decide this for your self.

For the night its best to choose heavy or heavy-overnight absorption. This is also adviceable for your heavy period days.

On medium period days a moderate or moderate-heavy is pleasant, and on light days or the end of your period it can feel comfortable to wear light absorption.

Try Your Perfect Match for a tailor made advice.

my first moodies, how to start?

Start with washing your moodies before using them at a maximum of 30 degrees. This is important to activate the absorption in the gusset (compare it with a new towel, which also doesn’t dry well when not washed).

And then hang dry. Do NOT put your moodies in the dryer.

If it is your firts time to wear period underwear we advice you to pick a quit day at home to start using it. You can then accomodate yourself with it and check if you chose the right absorption level.

And if you still find it difficult to change to period underwear, maybe you can start wearing them at night. No more stains in your sheets, and no waste from pads and tampons!

why does wearing moodies contribute to the environment?

An average woman produces 60-90 kilo of menstrual waste (tampons and pads) during a lifetime. Which contains lots of plastic and chemicals. By wearing period underwear we reduce waste and make the planet happier.

can i combine other period products with moodies?

If you choose the right absorption level you don’t need to use tampons, cups or pads. But if you menstruate heavily it can be comfortable to use moodies in conjunction with a tampon or a cup.

how many moodies do i need to get through my period?

That is of course dependent upon how often you do laundry, but assuming that you wash once during your period we estimate you need about 5 pair of moodies.

return and order

can i return my moodies?

You may return your moodies within 40 days after your first order when you don’t like it. We shall destroy these undies for hygienic reasons.

Otherwise moodies can only be returned within 30 days after buying when the package is unopened and the product is not used.

We kindly ask you to sign up your return here.

Costs for shipping the returns are at your own expense.

Please send your returns to:

Moodies BV Retouren
Nieuwe Hemweg 2
NL-1013 BG Amsterdam, The Netherlands

when can i expect my moodies?

If you order before 14 hrs we will deliver the order at PostNL the same day to be shipped to your adress. The parcel fits in your letterbox so you do’nt need to stay at home.

can i track my order?

If you placed the order we get started. As soon as the parcel is signed up at PostNL you will receive a trackingcode for the parcel in your mailbox.

Did you not find the answer to your question?

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