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Period Poverty means that people have insufficient access to products and needs to have a safe, comfortable and healthy Period. Like Pads, Tampons, Period underwear or a Cup. But also painkillers and access to a shower, toilet and sink are essential.

Some women, for instance, put toilet paper in their underpants or wear Pads or Tampons too long wich could lead to serieus irritation or infections.

This still happens too often, even in our own country. A research of Plan Nederland in 2019 shows that still 9% of girls in the Netherlands sometimes have insufficient budget to buy Tampons or Pads.

De Sociale Kruidenier

Cooperate to stop Period Poverty

We, Founders of Moodies BV took a dive into the Period market and are shocked about the fact that there is Period Poverty in our own country. We would like to help but are aware that as a starting Company we can only do so much. In our opinion the Government should take Responsibility for this, and we will try to address this issue to the right people.

We will donate a total of 5% on all bought moodies on our site to help reduce Period Poverty. We estimate that we can donate about 400 pairs in 2022. And to get this to the right people we will cooperate with De Sociale Kruidenier.

At De Sociale Kruidenier, customers of The Food Bank Amsterdam can buy Non-Food products for a very tiny price. Freedom of choice is important: customers can choose their own products.
Further De Sociale Kruidenier is also a meeting point for a cup of coffee, a conversation or accomodative Financial Advice.

Giving back
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