40 day trial for new customers - free shipping - replaces pads and tampons for up to 10 hours
40 day trial for new customers - free shipping

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very thin gusset

only 2 mm thick!

no odor & hygienic

due to an antibacterial washing


they last up to 2-3 years.


no more disposable tampons and pads

But how….


We can imagine that you can’t believe that only a pair of undies can keep you safe, dry and odorfree when having your Period, and that you have far more questions. On our FAQ page you can find a lot of answers, and if you don’t find the answer to your question please contact us through our contactform.

If you want more information, please check our how it works page.

Join the movement! Start wearing moodies and make the planet more happy! If you buy for the first time, and it’s not your cup of tea, you can return your garments within 40 days and receive your payment back.

what others say?

review Fiep Kragtwijk
This is a blast, I had no idea this would feel that safe. After a day it still felt very clean. Far better then pads. I like the sustainable aspect, it’s important to me. And chill hat I don’t have to hink about changing tampons or pads.
Fiep Kragtwijk


Check herehowwe can help our planet together.

menstruatie boyshort en kopje thee

Wat gebeurt er in je lijf als je gaat menstrueren?

Het eerste jaar dat je menstrueert is de menstruatie vaak nog onregelmatig en komt tussen de 21 en 45 dagen terug en duurt dan een paar dagen. Na ongeveer 3 jaar stabiliseert zich dat normaal gesproken en krijg je een regelmatigere cyclus zoals we dat noemen. Je

What’s your perfect match?

What absorption is good for me

giving back

To contravene Period Poverty we cooperate with De Sociale Kruidenier (division of Food Bank) and donate moodies to people that can sometimes not afford to buy Menstrual products. We are aware that this is like a drop in the Ocean, but every Person we can help is at least for 2 years provided (package of 5 pieces) .

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