40 day trial for new customers - free shipping - replaces pads and tampons for up to 10 hours
40 day trial for new customers - free shipping

How it works

No tampon, panty liner or pads needed You’re ready for 10-12 hours! No leaking, no odour, feeling dry and very comfortable, the gusset is only 2 mm.

It’s easy. Put on your moodies and you’re ready. We use different technical cloth in the gusset to be able to get this result:

The first layer, Moisture-wicking top layer. It is a soft fabric which easily lets fluids through and quicly dries so keeps you feeling dry.

The second layer Super absorbent core layer absorbs up to 4 regular tampons’ worth. OEKO-TEX©, a technical fabric (Terry) that can absorp moisture well. This fabric has had an antibacterial washing which makes it hygienic and prevents smell.

The third layer is a waterproof fabric, which prevents you from leaking. This fabric is waterproof and breathing at the same time, you can compare it to the latest raincoats, without PFAS.

And the outerlayer is the facric of the underpants. Wear it and you can hardly see that you are actually wearing period undies. We use bamboo instead of cotton, so the production is more sustainable as for the growth of bamboo much less water is needed. And that makes our planet happier.

Moodies can be a total replacement for disposable feminine hygiene products (panty liners, pads, tampons) or can work in conjunction with them f you don’t feel secure or if you have a heavy flow. It’s all about knowing your flow, and which absorbency level suits you best. Ofcourse you can wear moodies in conjunction with pads, tampons or a cup, or just try it for the night. It feels comfortable and how wonderful to wake up with clean sheets.

We advise you to wear moodies the first time when you are at home for a day. Every Period is differnet, and you first need to find out which absorption level fits best with your flow, and for how long you can wear your moodies. When you hav a ‘regular’ Period you should be able to wear your moodies around 10-12 hours.

Menstruatie ondergoed de laagjes

Washing instructions

Wash your moodies first before wearing them. Very important. The absorbent layer in the gusset needs to be activated by washing. Compare it to a newly bought towel, if you don’t wash it it doesn’t absorb.

Rinse clean! After use rinse your moodies in cold or luke-war water in the sink or when taking a shower.

Wash it on max 30º. Use normal or ecological detergent, nofabric softener.

Hang dry. Don’t put your moodies in the dryer. But hang dry.

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