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  • ongesteld, my first period

    My first… period

    I was in the first year of secondary school, 13 years and 25 days old, staying at my grandma’s because my parents were on vacation. I remember the date so precisely because my father made a big deal out of it when I got my first period after their return from vacation. ‘I had become …

  • hoe-menstruatie-slaap beinvoedt, menstruation, on my period

    Just leave me…. I’m on my period

    Nowadays we still hear: "just let me be for a moment." But the reason "because I am on my period" is still often left unspoken. Menstruation often brings hormonal and psychological complaints, and these vary for everyone. In some cases, these symptoms can be severe and require treatment. However, even milder symptoms make many women [...] More
  • Menstruatie armoede in Nederland, period poverty in the Netherlands

    Does period poverty exist in the Netherlands?

    Period poverty is when someone does not have enough money to buy menstrual products. I had never heard of this before I started using menstrual underwear. Surely a pack of house brand tampons is very cheap? But soon I came across research and articles that unfortunately confirm that this exists worldwide but also in the [...] More
  • menstruatie en lekvrij ondergoed Moodies

    Leak-proof underwear: 40 days of consideration with your first purchase

    Coming through your day and night without worries is what we all want. Especially during the menstruation period or if you suffer from incontinence, you don't want to worry about leaks. With our leak-proof underwear, you can go through the day and night feeling free to move without stress. Discover your ideal anti-leak underwear with [...] More
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