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Period Underwear

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Period Underwear for Teens

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Reviews Period Underwear

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very thin gusset

the gusset is onnly 2 mm

no odour & hygienic

through an antibacterial washing 


lasts 2 – 3 years


no more need for pads and tampons

What is Period Underwear?

Probably you have heard about Period Underwear, or it might be totally new for you. Period Undies are a new phenonemon in the Netherlands. And the brand moodies is Dutch and developed and designed in the Netherlands. In Australia and New Zeeland Period Underwear is more common meanwhile.

Just wash it, hang it to dry and reuse it. That simpel! No more need for disposable pads and tampons. That saves us a lot of plastic and chemical waste. A sustainable Alternative. Some people find Period Underwear more relaxt then Cups, as they are also a sustainable Alternative.

Leakproof underwear or Period Underwear, mainly practical.

Pads that move, tampons that irritate while doing your sport activities as running or yoga. Moodies Period Undewear is comfortable, good looking just like normal underwear and leakproof. Very chill for sleeping and keeping your sheets clean of stains. Practical for sport for yourself or your teenage daughter. No more changing stress while going to work or school.

Wich Period Underwear to buy?

It is important to choose the right absorption for your Period Uderwear. These go from light to heavy-overnight. You ca check our absorption advice page to choose the right one for yourself. If you wear Period Undies for the first time, we advice you to wear them the first time at home. So you can easily find out how it works for you and if you have chosen the right absorption.

Which model and colour is offcourse totally up to you.

How does Period Underwear work?

No more need for Tampons, Panty Liners and Pads. The Undies work for 8  10 hours. No more leaks, no odour while feeling dry in Undies that feel almost just like normal Undies.

  1. The first layer, is in contact with your skin. A soft sport fabric which wicks moisture and keeps you feeling dry.
  2. The second layer is a quick drying terry towel which absorbs fluid and odour. We had it washed in a natural antibacterial washing which keeps it hygienic and odourfree.
  3. The third layer is a waterproof fabric OEKO-TEX© certified, which prevents leaking. Its waterproof and breathing at the same time, and has no PFAS.


Bamboo Period Underwear

And finally the fabric of the undies. You ca hardly see that you’re wearig Period Undies. We use bamboo which needs far less water to grow then cotton, so production leaves less harm to the planet.

We can imagine that it’s kind of scary to use no tampons, cups or pads anymore. Offcourse if you want you can combine to feel more secure, and maybe try our moodies at night without extra combination.

When you’re having a regular menstruation you should be able to wear moodies for 8-10 hours without changing.

opbouw laagjes incontinentie ondergoed

washing instructions Period Underwear

Wash your moodies before wearing. This is important. You can compare the terry towel in the gusset with a towel. When you don’t wash it first it doesnt absorb.




Rinse! After wearing your moodies rinse them in the sink or under the shower with cold or lukewarm water.

Wash on max 30º. Use normal or eco detergent, no softener.

No dryer. Hang them to dry. Drying might affect the waterproof layer.

FAQ Period Underwear


What are moodies undies ad how does it work?

Moodies is underwear that absorps your Period or incontinence so that you don’t have to use Tampons, Pads or Panty Liners. At a regular Flow you can use them for a whole day or night before changing. This can be different for every body so we advice to first try it out for yourself on a quit day at home.

Moodies gebruikt hiervoor technische stoffen in het kruis die het vocht absorberen, verspreiden en die ervoor zorgen dat je niet doorlekt. Tegen je huid zit een fijne sportstof die het vocht makkelijk doorlaat, en ervoor zorgt dat het droog aanvoelt.

Dit zijn allemaal ademende stoffen, die zijn voorzien van een antibacteriële wassing waardoor er amper geur vrijkomt en het heel natuurlijk en hygiënisch is.

My first moodies, how do I start?

Start with washing your moodies before using them at a maximum of 30 degrees. This is important to activate the absorption in the gusset (compare it with a new towel, which also doesn’t dry well when not washed).

And then hang dry. Do NOT put your moodies in the dryer.

If it is your firts time to wear period underwear we advice you to pick a quit day at home to start using it. You can then accomodate yourself with it and check if you chose the right absorption level.

And if you still find it difficult to change to period underwear, maybe you can start wearing them at night. No more stains in your sheets, and no waste from pads and tampons!

When? my Period is Heavy, can I use moodies?

If you have a very heavy period we advice to use moodies in conjunction with a cup or tampons. We also advice you to choose the absorption level heavy or heavy/overnight.

When you suffer from extreme heavy periods, it could be wise to consult your general practitioner. To prevent complications later in life.

Is it hygienic?

Yes!. We adjusted an antibacterial washig which stays, and keeps it hygienic for up to 10 hours.

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