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Swimwear for Periods

Our bikini swimwear is ideal when having a light period, expecring your period to come or when having light bladder leaks.

Feel secure on the poolside with our moodies bikini swimwear

No more excuses, you can go tot he beach or the pool. Our bikini swimwear is specially designed for light periods and incontinence. You can even swim wit hit, although the design is not perfect for long distance swimming, rather for dipping in the pool or the sea.

When you expect your period the bikini is your life saver to feel secure on the beach or near the pool. Duet o the classic design you can easily match the bikini wit hall your bikini tops.

How does it work, a bikini for periods?

The gusset has a special mesh that absorbs light bleeding, incontinence and odors. A special waterproof layer keeps leaks in and prevents stains. The outerlayer is made out of a technical fabric that dries very quicly.

Where is the bikini bottom for periods made of?

It is made out of 82% recycled fabric, so that we prevent more waste. The other 12% is elastane.

How long can you wear a bikini for Period?

You can wear the bikini for a whole day up to 8 hours, when having light bleeding or light bladder leaks. When in doubt, you better bring in a spare one in a waterproof bag, in which you can take home the used one.

Bikini period wear for girls

For girls that don’t want to wear tampons or a cup, the bikini is a must-have in the wardrobe or suitcase.

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