help us make a serious contribution to reducing plastic waste! 

You probably didn't realize that you can even make your period more sustainable. An average woman uses about 60-90 kilos of disposable sanitary pads or tampons in a lifetime, or about 250-300 products annually. And did you know that a sanitary towel consists of approximately 90% plastic and a tampon approximately 6%? Nature needs more than 500 years to break down these products. It's good that we can now help by switching to menstrual panties. Of course you can also use cups, washable sanitary towels or washable tampons to make a sustainable contribution. We support that.

Also good for the wallet!

A pack of sanitary towels or tampons is not a very large expense, but all in all we use an average of € 12.05 worth of these products every month (for the research, see article libelle). Our undies last about 2 to 3 years. If you get through your period with 5 pairs of pants (you have to wash them once during your period), you will save approximately 150 to 200 euros over this duration of 2 to 3 years.

materials menstrual panties

We have chosen bamboo instead of cotton for some of our pants. Bamboo has rounder fibers, which makes it feel softer than cotton and bamboo can absorb moisture more easily, making it feel drier. Which is nice.

bamboo is softer and feels drier

Bamboo production requires less water and fewer pesticides than cotton production. This also makes the planet a little happier.

Oeko Tex certified

The PU layer in the gusset, which is the water-repellent fabric that ensures that you do not leak through, is made of OEKO-TEX certified fabric and does not contain PFAS.

We are continuously investigating how we can improve our products, both functionally and in terms of people and the environment. Our goal is to have our products made entirely from recycled materials in combination with environmentally friendly materials in a people-friendly environment within 3 years. Let's go for it! Are you participating?

sustainable packaging moodies

Our moodies packaging is made from a mix of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials and/or FSC-controlled wood. Although controlled timber does not come from FSC-certified forests, it does reduce the risk that the material comes from unacceptable sources.