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the start of Moodies

Moodies was developed by Miguel and Claire. Miguel has experience in the textile industry and has a shapewear company. Claire has mainly gained experience in marketing and media.

"When Miguel received a set menstrual pants in 2020, we didn't know what they were at first. It was a completely unknown product in the Netherlands, and I could hardly believe that this would actually work. I started using it - it took a while. I got used to it - and soon I didn't want it any other way. It feels so much more natural and better that you no longer have any waste. And it is also very comfortable.

A fantastic product for young girls who are experiencing their first period. No hassle with moving pads. But also for myself and therefore for women, in the hustle and bustle of work I regularly forgot to change my tampon."

yes, we do it

We decided to develop our own brand. We spent a lot of time developing the most absorbent gusset that also feels dry. And of course high-quality models of undies that fit the modern underwear industry, and sufficient choices for every girl and woman.

So cool to jointly create a new product that really helps women and girls and at the same time reduces the waste mountain.

moodies product development

the moodies dream

Our dream is to substantially reduce menstrual waste. Moodies pants can make a significant contribution to this. We will all have to work together towards a cleaner planet for our children in which we make more sustainable choices to leave the planet healthier for our children.

We go further than that. We now have many products made from recycled materials and bamboo. We are even investigating how we can make our products even more sustainable.

And we are really happy that we can offer many women and girls a great solution. For girls and ladies with a heavier menstruation (check our blog about this), for girls who have their first period and for ladies who experience mild incontinence.

We continue to develop more products that can help even more girls and women.


And finally, we are proud to acknowledge that we contribute to reducing period poverty by donating undies to various charities.

  • Miguel Koerts

  • Claire van Beek

  • Vivienne van Berkel

  • Sophie Koopmans

  • Bente Hagens

  • Billie the office dog

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