In this GUEST BLOG, Ferna Jalink talks about her fascinating initiative Fentalks. A valuable idea that gives mothers and daughters the tools to discuss everything surrounding the upcoming menstruation together.

Let's talk periods!

Period, menstruation and cycle. These are words that we don't often say out loud. When it comes to discussing periods, there is still a lot to be gained. So… let's talk periods! In this blog I will take you through the story behind Fentalks.

Inspiration from Scotland


About eight years ago I was in Scotland. There I saw a small case in a drugstore with sanitary towels, tampons and an information booklet for teenagers about periods. I loved it! My daughters were ten and eight at the time and the first conversation about periods was getting closer. Although everything is negotiable for me, I was still looking for the best moment. How old should my daughters be? What is a good time of day? Where do you start? And what is the most important thing to say?

I loved that Scottish outing so much, because it made the moment of that first conversation special. I also liked that I could give my daughters something tangible to read and look at. Unfortunately, the booklet was written in English and they did not speak it yet. From my environment I understood that I was not the only one walking around with questions. Because even though half the world's population has periods for a large part of their lives, the conversation about it is still not an everyday occurrence.

Period Talk


The Scottish package gave me the drive to develop a Dutch edition. After that particular holiday, I started working on it in silence and then gathered a team around me. The Fentalks website is now live, including a webshop . There we sell various editions of Period Talk, a period box for girls aged nine and over. The box consists of an information booklet (the Period Pocket) and a fabric bag with a cool print that can contain your period products. In Period Talk you will also find statement cards, conversation tips for mothers (or fathers/caregivers) and a tea bag with a delicious chocolate. This makes the first conversation completely fun.

Let's talk!

I think it's a great development that more and more attention is being paid to the theme these days. Especially because of all the developments surrounding (the fight against) menstrual poverty. With Fentalks I would like to do my part when it comes to providing information and spreading knowledge. Sustainability is an important aspect for me and fortunately that applies to more and more people. Consider safe products without toxins, but also the waste that comes with them. I wholeheartedly encourage the use of menstrual cups, washable sanitary towels and menstrual panties! It's nice that women can choose what they feel comfortable with. Let's have a conversation, share our concerns and tips and ensure that the cycle goes from discomfort to strength!

fentalks x moodies

Ferna Jalink (co-founder Fentalks)

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