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how does it work

We can well imagine that you can hardly believe that you can collect your period or light urine loss in a pair of underpants. But nothing could be further from the truth, menstrual and incontinence underwear are specially made so that you can get through the day without worry and make sure you don't leak.

On our FAQ page you will find the answers to any other questions you might have, otherwise you can reach out to us via the contact form .

how it works

which absorption do you need?

Difficult to choose? We understand. With this overview, you can easily choose the absorption that suits you.

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Obviously! Choosing your first moodies undies can be tricky. For that, use our online quiz and find your perfect match!

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mei 2024

moodies against period poverty

To reduce period poverty, we have regularly donated panties to charities since Moodies started. They then make sure the panties get to the right people.

For more information about the charities, check out our program moodies against period poverty.

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  • What is menstrual underwear?

    Welcome to a new era of menstrual products! If you haven't heard of menstrual underwear yet, it's high time you immerse yourself in this innovation. Menstrual underwear is an increasingly popular product that more and more people are talking about and are familiar with. We are often asked: “What is menstrual underwear?”

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  • Heavy menstruation in teenage daughters, what should you do? Tips for parents.

    We regularly receive messages from concerned parents of teenage daughters who suffer from heavy menstruation and the associated complaints. It is heartbreaking to see that these girls sometimes have such heavy periods that normal functioning, such as exercising and going to school, becomes impossible.

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  • What happens in your body with endometriosis and how should you deal with it?

    You may have heard of it before and maybe you haven't. Not surprising, because endometriosis is a chronic disease. But on the other hand it is surprising, because it occurs in 1 out of 10 people, and some patient organizations even suspect 1 of 7 (as many as there are diabetes patients). A lot, right?!

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