Zwemmen als je ongesteld bent? Geen zorgen, het kan!

Swimming when you are on your period? Don't worry, it's possible!

Are you worried about swimming during your period? It is not necessary. The good news is that swimming during menstruation is generally safe and there are no health risks.


Myths and fables about swimming during your period

There are still many fables and myths about swimming and periods. For example, some people think that swimming during your period can disrupt the menstrual cycle. This is not true. Swimming during menstruation has no influence on the cycle. The menstrual cycle is regulated by hormones in the body and cannot be affected by swimming.

There are also women whose menstruation is prevented while swimming by the pressure of the water. This happens to most people, but as soon as you get out of the water, your period will come again immediately.

People also assume that swimming during menstruation can lead to infections. This is not right. Swimming during your period cannot cause infections due to menstruation. You can get an infection from a tampon that you wear for a long time or perhaps from swimming water that does not contain enough chlorine, but the latter also applies to people who are not menstruating.

In addition, some people think that swimming during menstruation can cause a lot of pain. Some women may experience cramps and pain during their period, but swimming really can't cause this.


Why you should go swimming during your period

In fact, swimming can actually help reduce pain and provide relaxation (read more about heavy periods here). Endorphins are released while swimming, which can contribute to an improved mood and reduction of heavier feelings.

It also helps improve blood circulation; swimming stimulates blood circulation, which can help remove blood clots and menstrual waste from your body more quickly.

In addition, swimming can be refreshing and relaxing, especially during your period. This can help calm and relax your mind, making you feel better. Swimming is an excellent exercise that can strengthen the cardiovascular system, strengthen muscles and improve health in general. It can also contribute to improved sleep quality. Read more about exercise and menstruation .

It is important to remember that the benefits of swimming during menstruation can be different for every woman. It is important to listen to your own body and determine whether swimming during your period is good for you.


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