Wat als je voor de eerste keer ongesteld wordt op school of op vakantie?

What if you get your period for the first time at school or on when your are on holiday?

Getting your period for the first time can be quite exciting. Especially if it happens at school or during holidays. Menstruation is very normal, something that is part of the female body. But are you well prepared?


What items do you have in your bag to be prepared for your first period?

On average, you will have your first period when you are 12. Quite a special moment. Almost everyone can remember their first period. But "average" means that there are also girls who have their first menstruation at the age of 10 or 11 or that there are girls whose first menstruation does not occur until the age of 15 or 16.

From that moment on, an egg matures in your ovary every month, and from this moment on you are also fertile.

If you are at home when you have your first period, your mother will probably already have something ready for you that you can use immediately. But what if you are on the road, at school or on holiday?


What are you taking with you?

What should you always take with you for your first period? It is useful to have a bag with you containing some menstrual products that you can easily use. Our advice:

Finally, a useful tip: put some menstrual items in your locker (if you have one), so you always have your belongings within reach when you get your period for the first time.

Most girls like to start with sanitary pads or menstrual underwear instead of a cup or tampon, so that you don't have to put anything in your vagina right away. Sanitary towels and menstrual underwear are products that you can easily take with you in your bag to school or on holiday.

Nowadays there are even bikini bottoms that are suitable for catching light menstruation, so make sure you have those in the suitcase so you don't have to sit next to the pool or use a tampon.

Moodies offers menstrual pants for different menstrual types. But what do you choose if you don't yet know how heavy your period will be? The first menstruation is still very light for almost everyone, so if you choose pants with moderate or moderate-heavy absorption, you will always be fine.


What if you get your period for the first time at school?

It is always useful to have some menstrual products at home, and your mother often has some ready for you. But what if you suddenly get your period at school and you don't have any sanitary towels or Moodies with you?

Then go to the concierge or your teacher. If your teacher or caretaker is a man, it may feel awkward, but get over it. Men also know that all girls and women have their period once a month, and it is really nothing strange. It's even more annoying if you leak.

Nowadays there are more and more free sanitary towels and tampons in public toilets, including in schools, you could also use this.

If none of these are options, ask friends. And if you are the first in your class, go to a girl from a class above. Women often want to help each other solve this problem. There is always someone who wants to help you!


What if you get your period for the first time at camp or on holiday?

From the age of 12 it is useful to be prepared for this. Especially if you already notice that you are starting to develop breasts and you may already see some hairs under your armpits or near your vulva. These are signs that the hormones in your body are busy and your period usually comes sometime within a year.

It is then useful to take the following with you on holiday or at camp:

You can also buy sanitary towels on holiday, but this can be more difficult if you go to camp. Although you can always discuss this with the camp management. They can help you.

Furthermore, it is nice to have at least 2 menstrual underwear with you for the night or if, for example, you are going out all day and it is difficult to change.

If you already have your period, it is of course better to take more menstrual underwear with you.

If you take a menstrual bikini with you, you don't have to worry about swimming, and refreshing wipes, individually packaged, are especially useful at camp to ensure that your hands are always clean when you change something.


Rosa's first period…

Rosa (22) got her period for the first time during a school day when she was 12:

''I remember that I was having lunch with my friends during the break and that I suddenly felt something wet in my underpants. I had no idea what it could be, but then I suddenly realized that I might have gotten my period for the first time. I asked a friend to go to the bathroom with me and told me on the way that I had probably gotten my period for the first time. My girlfriend reassured me and gave me a sanitary pad. I already had some sanitary towels in my locker, but I forgot to take them out because of the tension. Coincidentally, we had gym that day and that's why I had extra underwear with me. The first time I didn't lose that much blood so luckily it didn't get into my pants. I felt very feminine that day, I finally got my period!''



You don't have to be afraid of having your first period. Yes, it takes some getting used to, but eventually you get to know your own body a little better. Almost every woman experiences this in her life, so there is nothing to be ashamed of!

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