Wat is menstruatie zwemkleding?

What is menstrual swimwear?

Summer is just around the corner, and that means long days at the beach and refreshing dips in the pool. But for many of us, this brings a specific challenge: what do you do if you want to swim during your period? Don't worry, we have the solution to feel carefree while swimming and sunbathing.

How does menstrual swimwear work?

At first glance, our menstrual swimwear looks like any other swim outfit. But appearances are deceiving. This line has a technical double-layer gusset: an upper layer of mesh that quickly allows moisture to pass through for optimal comfort and a lower layer of PU for maximum protection. This duo works together to keep you dry and confident, while also being breathable and drying quickly after a dive. So go ahead, jump in the water and enjoy every wave, without any worries.

How do you maintain menstrual swimwear?

Maintaining your menstrual swimwear is not difficult. After use, rinse your swimwear under cold water to remove salt and chlorine, then wash on a gentle cycle up to 40*. It is important to avoid fabric softener to keep the protective layers intact. Thanks to the quick-drying materials, your swimwear will be ready for the next swim in no time.

The benefits of our sustainable menstrual swimwear

  1. Environmentally friendly : Our swimwear is an environmentally responsible choice. By choosing reusable menstrual products, you contribute to reducing waste, which is better for our planet.
  2. Comfortable : Designed with comfort in mind, so you can enjoy every swimming experience without feeling like you're wearing menstrual swimwear.
  3. Quick Drying : No one likes walking around in wet swimsuits. Our fabrics have been carefully selected to ensure that you will soon have dry swimming trunks again.
  4. Convenience : Our swimwear is as easy to use and maintain as your favorite swim outfit, but with the added assurance of puncture protection. This means enjoying more and worrying less.

Incontinence and swimming

Our swimwear is not only ideal for menstrual days, but also perfect for those who deal with incontinence. Our menstrual swimwear provides reliable protection, so you can enjoy all water activities worry-free and confident, no matter the situation.

Styles for everyone

Whether you like relaxing on the beach or actively swimming laps, we have something for you. Our collection offers:

  • Bikini | Light: Perfect for those relaxing beach days.
  • Swimsuit | Light: Elegant and practical, ideal for any water adventure.
  • Cheeky | Light: For a minimalist and neat appearance. The cheeky is cut a little higher at the legs, making this a
  • Boxer | Light: Sporty and comfortable and easy to adjust to the model you like. Ready for any challenge.
  • Highwaist | Light: A higher model, with beautiful pleats. Great for women who want to cover a little more of the belly, but prefer not to wear a swimsuit.

Wearing tip

Feel free to combine our swimwear with your favorite beach outfits for a personal touch that underlines your style. Do you want to feel a little more covered some days? Then consider wearing extra bottoms over your swimwear. This way you can enjoy every ray of sunshine with comfort and confidence.

Dive into a worry-free and leak-free swimming season with our menstrual swimwear. The beach awaits you, and this time you have everything you need to enjoy every moment to the fullest. Are you ready to jump, but still have questions? Then dive into our FAQ or feel free to contact us for more information

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