• menstrual underwear: 40 days' reflection period on your first purchase

    Menstrual underwear from Moodies is very high-quality and stylish underwear with 3 technical layers of fabric in the gusset so you can wear it hygienically for 8-10 hours without odor and without leaking. The fabrics are made in such a way that it feels dry. Suitable for collecting menstruation, light urine loss, discharge and sweat.

    There is a line for women and a line for teenage girls.

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  • Prevent typical menstrual problems with menstruation underwear

    Sanitary towels that shift, tampons that don't fit comfortably during exercise and stains from leaking into your bedding. Your period is annoying enough. Prevent these problems: replace your sanitary towels and tampons for menstrual underwear. Very relaxing for sleeping, practical for sports and no more stress if you forget to change. View our range of washable menstrual underwear and choose your favorite style.

    What is menstrual underwear?

    Disposable sanitary towels and tampons are a thing of the past. And you're not a fan of a cup? There is now another sustainable alternative. Choose comfort and convenience with period underwear. You wash it, hang it out and put it back on. It's that simple. And all without the fear of leaking through and the stress of forgetting to change.

  • How often should you change period underwear?

    We use a rule of thumb for this: on your light to medium days you could wear the menstrual underwear all day or night, without changing them in between. Put on clean period pants in the morning and before you go to sleep. Do you have a heavy menstrual day? Then choose menstruation pants with a high absorbency, change one more time extra or use an extra tampon just to be safe.

    Help someone with menstrual poverty

    Moodies donates 5% of all undies sold to charity. Did you know that in Amsterdam alone, 25% of girls and women sometimes don't have enough money to buy menstrual products? A few Moodies would help this person for a few years. So with your purchase you help someone who desperately needs it!

    View all our recent donations on our moodies against period poverty page

How does period underwear work?

With our period underwear you are ready for 8 to 10 hours. You can get through the day and night without leaks, odors and wetness. And above all: with our underwear for your period you will no longer experience stress. Our menstrual underwear, approximately 2 mm thick, consists of 4 different layers, all made of OEKO-TEX fabric:

  • Layer 1: this layer of the period panties is in contact with your skin. This layer consists of a nice soft sports fabric, allows moisture to pass through easily and dries quickly
  • Layer 2: this absorbent layer of the period underwear is in the middle of the menstrual underwear. This is a technical fabric that feels like terry cloth, which absorbs and disperses moisture. This fabric has undergone an antibacterial wash, which makes it hygienic and hardly releases any odor

  • Layer 3: the third layer of our period underwear is a waterproof fabric that prevents you from leaking. This fabric is waterproof yet breathable. You can compare it with a thin rain jacket (without PFAS)
  • Layer 4: The outer layer of the menstrual underwear is made of bamboo instead of cotton. Cotton requires much more water during production. This makes the pants even more durable.
  • Washing menstruation pants

    Have you received your underwear for your period? We understand that you want to try the menstrual pants right away, but it is important to wash the period underwear before first use. This is necessary to activate the absorption of the menstrual pants.

    Have you worn the washable menstrual underwear? Rinse the period pants first before putting them in the wash. Wash the pants at a maximum temperature of 30 degrees and do not use fabric softener. Hang your menstrual underwear on the line after washing. The dryer can cause the technical fabrics to lose their effectiveness.

    By taking good care of your delicate menstrual underwear, you can extend its lifespan. Menstrual underwear lasts an average of 2 to 3 years.

  • Select absorption level

    In order not to leak through your period underwear, it is important that you choose the right level of menstrual underwear. We offer 6 different levels of period underwear: from light to super. View our absorption page and find your best menstrual underwear that suits your flow.

    Do you have any questions about our menstrual underwear or do you need advice about the correct absorption or size? Contact us and we will help you find your ideal period underwear.

frequently asked questions about period underwear

What exactly are moodies and how do they work?

Moodies are underwear that can collect menstrual blood and light urine loss, so you no longer have to use sanitary towels, tampons or other means of collection.

Moodies uses technical fabrics in the crotch that absorb and disperse moisture and ensure that you do not leak through. There is a fine sports fabric against your skin that allows moisture to pass through easily and ensures that it feels dry.

These are all breathable fabrics, which have an antibacterial wash, which means that hardly any odor is released and it is very natural and hygienic. In this blog we tell you everything you want to know about menstrual underwear .

My first moodies, how do I start?

Start by washing the moodies at a maximum of 30 degrees before wearing your moodies. This is really important to activate the absorption in the crotch (compare it with a new towel that does not dry properly even if it has not yet been washed).

And then hang the moodies to dry (never in the dryer).

If this is your first time wearing menstrual underwear, we advise you to wear it when you have a quiet day at home, so that you can get used to it and check whether you have chosen the right absorption.

And if you still find it difficult to switch, just start with moody nights. No more dirty sheets and no waste!

Do moodies also work during heavy periods?

If you suffer from a very heavy menstrual period, we advise you to use moodies in combination with, for example, a cup or a tampon. We also advise you to purchase our heavy-overnight or super absorption.

We would also like to point out that it is wise to consult a doctor if you have extremely heavy menstruation. This could prevent complications later in life. Read more about this in our blog about heavy menstruation orheavy menstruation in teenagers

Is it hygienic?

Certainly! The first and second layers in the gusset have undergone an antibacterial wash, allowing you to wear moodies hygienically for 8-10 hours. This washing remains active for approximately 50-75 washes.

If you are bothered by odors, it is best to give the pants a more intensive cleaning. You can read more about this on the How do was my moodies page.