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    use your personal link and forward it to everyone you think should give Moodies a try

  • 10% discount for others

    everyone who uses your code receives a 10% discount on his or her order.* This code works in combination with stack discounts but not with other current promotions.

  • get a discount

    If your code is used by friends or family you will receive a 10% discount on your next purchase!

    You can send the code to as many people as you want and save for more discounts.

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*with minimum purchase amount of €23,-

Frequently Asked Questions

how can I forward the code?

Once you have received the code, all you have to do is forward it. This can be done any way you would like because it is a link. This can be done, for example, via WhatsApp or email. As soon as friends or family enter this code at checkout, you will receive your €5 discount.

How many people can I send the code to?

You can send the code to as many people as you want. This also provides more benefits for you. Every time someone uses your code you get a 5 euro discount on your next order. The discount amount can therefore also increase.

is there a minimum amount I have to spend?

There is no minimum amount to receive the code. The discount you will receive with the code requires a minimum purchase amount of €23.

for which products can I use the discount?

The discount works on all products as long as the minimum purchase amount is €23.

how much discount do I get?

If you have forwarded a code, the person who uses the code will receive a 15% discount on his or her order. After using the code you will receive €5 store credit. This means that you will receive a €5 discount on your next order.

can my discount increase?

Yes, if more people use your discount code, your discount amount can increase to a higher amount. You can then use this later for a purchase.

how can I redeem my discount?

When you are logged in with your details at the affiliate platform, you will find your balance and your code there. By entering this code, the discount will be deducted from your order.

does the code work with other actions?

The discount does not work with other ongoing promotions, but it does work on top of the stacking discount. This will ensure that discounts can reach up to 25%.