“Ik schaamde mij voor mijn incontinentie”

“I was ashamed of my incontinence”

Annemarie (48) suffers from urine loss. Thanks to Moodies, she can travel without stress again.

“It started with an occasional drop a few years ago, for example, when I got out of the car after work and couldn't open the door of my house quickly enough. That was already very annoying, but it was still manageable. I always wore a panty liner back then, and always had a few in my bag in case things went wrong. Especially because urine can smell quite strong, and I sometimes smell myself. Those were the moments when I felt ashamed of my incontinence.”

Break the taboo on incontinence, you are certainly not alone

“I started searching on the internet and read that 1 in 5 women over 35 suffer from it, and 1 in 3 over 50. That helped me to accept it better, but why don't we talk about this? We talk about all kinds of things with friends, but I never heard anyone talk about this until I discussed it as a topic with a friend. It turned out that she also suffered from it. It was nice to be able to exchange ideas with someone about this. I think there are so many women walking around with this problem.”

I was ashamed of my incontinence

It is good to realize that for the GP, too, this is simply a medical problem that the doctor sees regularly. It is a problem that occurs not only in women, but also in men. GPs indicate that they see that patients find it difficult to talk about it. “They come to the doctor for a consultation, and when they are standing with the doorknob in their hand, so to speak, incontinence is mentioned between the nose and lips. But it is a serious problem, for which we must ask further questions to find out what the cause is and how we can best help the patient.” Tip: approach it yourself as a medical problem, which can help you find the best solution for yourself and make it easier to talk about it.

The pelvic floor is the problem

Running, sneezing or a good fit of laughter, many women cannot keep this dry. If you suffer from urine loss, the muscles in your pelvic floor are probably too weak or too tense.

What about that? The pelvic floor consists of different layers of muscles at the bottom of the pelvis, which form one whole. The pelvic floor is closely related to all organs in the lower abdomen, such as the bladder, uterus and intestines, but also to the abdominal and back muscles, which in turn are related to your posture and movement.

If the pelvic floor never relaxes completely, it often has difficulty contracting when it is really necessary. But incorrect coordination from your transverse abdominal muscles or diaphragm - from a wrong posture - can also be a cause of urine loss. The cause can be different, but it can of course also be because the pelvic floor muscles weaken as we get older.

incontinence exercises

Exercise helps with incontinence

For most forms of urine loss, there are exercises that can help you learn to relax and contract the pelvic floor better when it is necessary. We advise you to seek help from a pelvic physiotherapist or visit your doctor.

There are also women who have to urinate often and have difficulty holding it in. The accidents usually happen just before they reach the toilet. Bladder training works for this. This is a training in which you learn to gain more control over your bladder under the guidance of a pelvic physiotherapist - often using an app. Actually by going to the toilet when you feel the urge to postpone something. Ultimately, you learn to have more control over your bladder.

We also hear positive reports about a Femilift treatment. This is a laser treatment that improves blood flow to the vaginal wall, thereby reducing urine loss. This is not a cheap remedy and is not reimbursed by your insurance.

Urinary leakage underwear is a really nice solution

And of course it is nice to have peace of mind with a beautiful Moodies . Incontinence underwear helps prevent embarrassing moments, it does not leak and absorbs odor. This prevents the embarrassment that incontinence brings. And it is also very comfortable. So get rid of those panty liners, you can wear Moodies pants hygienically for up to 10 hours. And if you don't like it (after your first purchase) you can return it and get your money back.

Are you looking for more information about incontinence and urine loss? Then visit the home doctor 's website for more information.

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