moodies against period poverty

Period poverty is when someone has insufficient access to the things needed to get through your period safely and comfortably, such as sanitary towels, tampons, menstrual underwear or a cup. But painkillers and access to a shower, toilet and sink are also essential.

Sometimes women or girls put toilet paper in their underpants, or they run the risk of irritation or infection because they are forced to wear the same sanitary towel or tampon for far too long.

Unfortunately, this still happens far too often, even in the Netherlands. In 2019 study by Plan Nederland showed that 9% of young girls in the Netherlands sometimes do not have enough money for tampons and/or sanitary towels.

We are shocked that period poverty even exists in our country. That shouldn't be happening right? We are happy to contribute to improving this a little. We believe that the government has a responsibility to address this and will therefore try to bring it to the attention of the right people.

We donate 5% of the number of moodies sold on this site to girls and women living in period poverty .

May 2024

Bruzelle x Veritas

Bruzelle fights against menstrual poverty by collecting menstrual products and delivering them free and discreetly to menstruating people in a difficult living situation.

Together with our Belgian partner Veritas, Moodies has organized a campaign to collect pants for this purpose. The donation was very warmly received by Bruzelle.

"We will distribute the largest number to students at the beginning of the next school year when we provide education about menstruation with our Rules of 3 project."

January 2024

Armoede fonds

With this donation, the Armoede fonds will supply its Menstrual Distribution Points (MUPs) with reusable menstrual underwear to combat menstrual poverty!

It's nice to be able to contribute to this from Moodies.

Moodies tegen menstruatie armoede internationale meidendag rebup oktober2023

October 2023

Repub international girls day

Various locations in Haarlem where every child between 7 and 17 years old is welcome, with and without a backpack!

The Rebup Foundation is a safe place for teenagers and pre-teens, where you can go after school for a chat, a listening ear and a cup of hot chocolate.

On this girls' day we explained to the girls what period underwear is, and they were all allowed to choose a pair of undies.

July 2023

SINA Foundation

The Samen Is Niet Alleen Foundation ( SINA ), which translates tot Together Is Not Alone, visits families and people in Amsterdam of all ages who live below or near the poverty line.

Personal help comes first. This way they adapt the help to what someone really needs.

Moodies happily made a donation because SINA employees know who they can make happy with this for a longer period of time.

For example, a family in poverty with 3 daughters who had to go to the drugstore every month, and for which the budget simply wasn't there, has now been helped for a few year

Moodies tegen menstruatiearmoede donatie Sociale Kruidenier januari 2023

March 2023

Social Kruidenier

Another large donation of pants to the Social Kruidenier. People who knew us by now were almost already waiting for us.

It's nice to be able to contribute to menstrual poverty in Amsterdam in this way.

Moodies tegen menstruatie armoede donatie Sociale Kruidenier november 2022

November 2022

Social Kruidenier

In the presence of Amsterdam councilor Marjolein Moorman, responsible, among other things, for the poverty reduction wallet, we donated a large collection of undies to Doreen Bor of the Social Kruidenier

The Social Kruidenier is affiliated with the Food Bank and ensures that our pants end up with girls and ladies who sometimes have too little budget and who receive a long-term solution with our pants. They can go out again, to school, work and other social activities.