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the layers

The gusset of the moodies contain 3 extra technical layers of fabric and yet the gusset is only 2 to 3 mm thick. The combination of these layers means that our menstruation undies are super absorbent, do not leak and still provide a dry feeling for 8-10 hours, without the need for sanitary towels, tampons or a cup.

layer 1


The first layer is the layer that is in contact with the skin.

A soft sports fabric (94% polyester / 6% elastane) that quickly allows moisture to pass through, keeping you feeling dry.

This layer has undergone an antibacterial wash so that no odor is created and you can wear it hygienically for 8-10 hours.

layer 2


The second layer is an absorbent terry (100% polyester) that disperses the moisture.

This layer has also undergone an antibacterial wash.

This makes it hygienic and will prevent odor from being released.

layer 3


The third layer is a water-repellent substance (polyurethane) that ensures that you do not leak through.

    • RUCO-BAC© is used for the antibacterial washing. This is a thoroughly tested biocide that is used to kill bacteria.
    • This protects the skin and mucous membranes against inflammation and infections, and prevents an unpleasant odor. This washing is permanent and is not harmful to the skin.
    • Moodies has many models and colors of menstrual underwear, incontinence underwear and even a separate line for teenage girls .
    • Would you like to know more about how long you can wear moodies, what exactly they work for, how to best maintain your menstrual underwear and other facts. In this blog you can read everything you want to know about menstrual underwear, or check our FAQ .

    • All layers are OEKOTEX © certified, which means that the product is environmentally friendly and human-friendly and therefore does not contain PFAS.
    • If you are still in doubt, it might be an idea to start with pants for sleeping. No more hassle with tampons or sanitary towels that shift, and no more stains in your sheets.
    • And because every period and every body is different, we recommend wearing your moodies at home for the first time on a relaxing day to experience how long it works for you. As soon as the seams of the pants become damp, it is necessary to change them.
  • Wash your moodies before wearing your moodies. This is very important. You can compare the absorbent fabric in the gusset with a towel: if you don't wash it, it won't absorb moisture.

  • Rinse! Once you've worn your moodies, rinse them under the tap or take them into the shower before putting them in the wash. Then hang it on the edge of the laundry basket until you start washing again.

  • Wash at max 40º. Together with your other laundry. Use regular detergent or ecological detergent, but no fabric softener. Instead of fabric softener you can use organic vinegar. Centrifuging is no problem.

  • Do not put in the dryer. Hang your pants to dry. It is better not to put your moodies in the dryer because this can cause the technical fabrics in the crotch to lose their effectiveness.