Laat me maar even…. want ik ben ongesteld

Just let me be for a moment…. I'm on my period

You often hear the first part of the sentence: “just let me be for a moment..." But the reason “I'm my period” is often left out. Menstruation often brings with it hormonal and psychological complaints, and these are different for everyone. In some cases these can be severe and require treatment. But even milder complaints make many women and girls feel like they want to withdraw for a while.


The real first day of your period, the day you actually bleed (not a few drops) is the first day of your new cycle. Each cycle lasts an average of 28 days, but this varies from person to person (usually between 23 and 31 days). The cycle is also shown in seasons, and your period is - not surprisingly I think - called winter.

Your body is working hard to remove the unfertilized egg from your body together with the lining of the uterus, and that takes energy. This makes you want to grab a blanket or hot water bottle, and you need more rest. The hormone estrogen has decreased and that makes you feel a little less cheerful, or sometimes a little more in real contact with your body, focused inward.


It's 2021 and it's still taboo to say “I'm on my period”.

It is talked about among friends, but the attitude 'don't whine and move on' also often prevails. This is what has been instilled in us from generation to generation, and has been taught by your mother, grandmother, etc. Reporting sick to your employer with vague complaints, while it should be completely accepted that you report sick if your menstrual complaints are so bad that you cannot work. Fortunately, more and more employers are open to this, but a lot should be done in the field of information for employers. Research has shown that if a woman really rests for a day during a heavy period, her period becomes slightly shorter.

What should be done to break the taboo on menstruation?

We women have to pick up this gauntlet ourselves. Talk about it if it bothers you. It is a given that almost half of our population experiences this every month. Research has been conducted into how long a woman has her period in her entire life. This amounts to approximately 2500 days, which in turn amounts to almost 7 YEARS!

Seriously, I'm on my period

We have to dare to talk about it more ourselves, but there are also Gynecologists who are starting up a platform. New research will be published here (much research still needs to be done), information will be shared and stories will be posted by and for women. We will of course keep you informed.

A site where all the latest information regarding menstruation is published is Period!. If you suffer from heavy bleeding during your period, be sure to check the site Dead serious . A government initiative to give Heavy Menstrual Blood Loss the right attention. The intention is also to inform the women (and their husbands) who suffer from this.


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