gusset hygienic strip

Our newest pants have a sticker in the crotch so that exchange is more hygienic. (A large part of the collection does not yet have a hygiene sticker). Unfortunately, we have noticed that the adhesive layer of the sticker is a bit too thick. Fortunately, the sticker can be removed without damaging the cross, but this does require some attention.

We would like to ask you to carefully remove the sticker before washing the pants. This can be done by pulling it out of the pants in several actions.

It works best if you warm the sticker a little with a hairdryer. This makes it easier to pull the sticker out.

See also the video we made of this.

What can you do if sticker residue remains?

If you have already put the pants in the wash because you did not see the hygienic sticker, or if there is any sticker residue left in the pants, these can be easily removed.

You do this by soaking the cross in natural vinegar or face tonic (without oil) and removing it before putting it in the wash.

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