Moodies: een tweejarig avontuur van groei 🎉

Moodies: a two-year adventure of growth 🎉

Looking back on two years of Moodies

What a ride! Moodies has been around for two years now and today, November 12, we launched our webshop 2 years ago. In this short period we have experienced and learned an incredible amount. It was an exciting challenge to launch Moodies in 2021, especially because menstrual underwear was still relatively unknown in the Netherlands at the time.

Why I fell in love with Moodies

Find out why I'm head-over-heels about our product:

      1. Innovative Category: Moodies introduces a completely new category with the combination of underwear and menstrual products.
      2. Sustainability first: We strive to continuously deliver more sustainable products.
      3. Inspiring Content: Moodies offers a platform for creating compelling content around menstruation.
      4. Overcoming Barriers: It has been a challenging but exciting journey to bring this product to girls and women, and I am grateful for the support of my partner Miguel, without whom I would not have dared to do this, and whose knowledge has accelerated the process brought.

Core values ​​of Moodies

At Moodies we stand for important values:

      • Sustainability: Our products are continuously improved to be more sustainable.
      • Knowledge sharing and breaking taboos: Moodies contributes to breaking taboos surrounding menstruation and shares knowledge about this subject.
      • Period poverty: We donate 5% of our sales against period poverty and aim to make our product accessible to people with a city pass by 2024.
      • Inclusivity: We want to be there for every woman.

Growth and collaborations

Since launch, we have achieved several highlights:

      • Expansion to Physical Stores: A successful trial at Veritas/Belgium and expansion to 80 stores.
      • Collaboration with Wehkamp: Moodies is now also available at Wehkamp.
      • DA Drogists Trial: This month we are starting a trial at 23 DA Drogists.

The team behind Moodies

In addition to Miguel and myself, we cannot do without our permanent team:

      • Vivienne: Our Support and Support: Vivienne has been crucial for products and the site since the beginning, now she focuses on product development.
      • Sophie: Creative Power: As a junior brand manager, Sophie shapes all our expressions with input from the entire team.
      • Bente: Online Marketing Guru: Junior online marketer who supports us in various areas.
      • Donna: Intern in Action: Donna helps us with social media and has become indispensable.

"Proud of what we have achieved"

We can proudly say that Moodies:

      • Significant Reduction of Menstrual Waste has generated: Our products contribute to a more sustainable planet.
      • Contribution to Menstrual Poverty: By donating 5% of our sales.
      • Positive Reviews: Almost 700 reviews with a score of almost 4.5/5.
      • Change in Habits: Many girls consider menstrual underwear an essential part of their routine.

Moodies on the map and future ambitions

Moodies is firmly on the map, but we strive for more! Our goal is to reduce waste from sanitary towels and tampons, making our planet a bit more pleasant. Together we build a future without menstrual waste! 🌸💚

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