sustainability and comfort in one solution

The introduction of our bamboo line combines sustainability and comfort like no other. We have chosen bamboo instead of cotton for some of our undies. Bamboo has rounder fibers, which makes it feel softer than cotton and bamboo can absorb moisture more easily, making it feel drier. Which is nice.

Bamboo production also requires less water and uses fewer pesticides than cotton production. This also makes the planet a little happier.

We are continuously working to improve our products, both in terms of material, model and functionality

scientifilcy proven

On behalf of Moodies , Stan Kremers , student of Science, Business and Innovation at VU Amsterdam, conducted a scientifically substantiated graduation study into the environmental impact of our menstrual underwear through a Life Cycle Analysis.

That sounds complicated, but the bottom line is that the CO2 emissions, water consumption, land use and toxicity of the Moodies bamboo pants have been investigated compared to the disposable alternative, which in this case is sanitary towels. And there are some seriously interesting results:

  • CO2 emissions are 80% lower
  • 85% less fossil fuels are used
  • Water consumption is 76% lower
  • Land use is 76% lower
  • The human toxicity is 65% lower

These figures are calculated based on the annual use of menstrual underwear compared to disposable sanitary towels. This research shows that 150 disposable products are equivalent to 1 menstrual underwear. For example, the biggest gain in water consumption is in the use of bamboo compared to cotton and plastic.

your period without waste

You probably didn't realize that you can improve so much even during menstruation. Because in addition to the above results, we also want to solve the problem of that large mountain of menstrual waste . An average woman uses about 60 to 90 kg of sanitary towels or tampons in her life, or about 250-300 disposable products every year.

And did you know that sanitary towels consist of approximately 90% plastic and a tampon consists of approximately 6%. Nature therefore needs more than 500 years to break down these products. It is of course even better that we can also change this by switching to menstrual underwear.

In addition to menstrual underwear, there are of course also other sustainable alternatives to disposable menstrual products. You can also opt for a menstrual cup, washable sanitary towels or washable tampons. During your switch to a more sustainable alternative, you should always look at what best suits your needs and flow.

  • “If every menstruating woman between the ages of 13 and 47 were to use Moodies bamboo products, we would save 3.4 billion m³ of water annually.”

sustainablility and comfort are also good for the wallet!

A pack of sanitary towels or tampons is not a very large expense, but you will soon spend an average of €12.05 on these products every month, according to a study in the "libelle" (a dutch magazine).

Our pants last about 2 to 3 years. If you get through your period with 5 pairs of pants (including washing during your period), you will save approximately €150 to €200 over a period of 2 to 3 years.

sustainable materials

All pants are made of OEKO-TEX certified fabric and are free of PFAS.

We are continuously investigating how we can improve our products, both functionally and in terms of people and the environment.

Our goal is to have our products made entirely from recycled materials in combination with environmentally friendly materials in a people-friendly environment within 3 years. Now (2024) a large part of our nylon products are made from recycled material.

Let's go for it! Are you participating?

girls change menstruation future!

All the above insights are confirmation for the new generation of girls to increasingly opt for a sustainable alternative, such as menstrual underwear. In addition to offering many sustainable benefits, menstrual underwear also provides comfort, is more practical and better for the climate.

For a cleaner future, we see the greatest gains among young girls who develop a menstrual routine for the first time. This group of girls is not yet used to using disposable products and is therefore more likely to opt for menstrual underwear. They prefer it for comfort and these teens are deeply committed to a livable planet.

The fact that a significant profit can also be made there is a double blow that they have managed to achieve.

The comfort lies mainly in the fact that you can wear our underwear for 8 hours. You do not experience any problems with leakage or changing disposable products and, for example, having to take everything with you to school. In addition, menstrual underwear is very pleasant during exercise, because it hardly differs from regular underwear.

Let's change the rules, girls!

sustainable packaging moodies

Our packaging consists of a mix of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials and/or FSC-controlled wood. Although controlled timber does not come from FSC-certified forests, it does reduce the risk that the material comes from unacceptable sources.

Sustainable Development Goal 12

We contribute to sustainable production and consumption, with more efficient use of raw materials. This reduces the pressure on the environment and reduces dependence on those raw materials.

Sustainable Development Goal 5

The degree of equality is measured, among other things, by the difference in pay for work and position, but also by the labor participation of men and women in business and administration. With our products we ensure improved labor participation of women.