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moodies and how it works

What exactly is menstruation underwear and how does it work?

Moodies are underwear that can collect menstrual blood and light urine loss, so you no longer have to use sanitary towels, tampons or other means of collection.

Moodies uses technical fabrics in the crotch that absorb and disperse moisture and ensure that you do not leak through. There is a fine sports fabric against your skin that allows moisture to pass through easily and ensures that it feels dry.

These are all breathable fabrics, which have an antibacterial wash, which means that hardly any odor is released and it is very natural and hygienic. In this blog we tell you everything you want to know about menstrual underwear .

my first moodies, how do I start?

Start by washing the moodies at a maximum of 40 degrees before wearing your moodies. This is really important to activate the absorption in the crotch (compare it with a new towel that does not dry properly even if it has not yet been washed).

And then hang the moodies to dry (never in the dryer).

If this is your first time wearing menstrual underwear, we advise you to wear it when you have a quiet day at home, so that you can get used to it and check whether you have chosen the right absorption.

And if you still find it difficult to switch, just start with moody nights. No more dirty sheets and no waste!

Does moodies menstrual underwear also work during heavy periods?

If you suffer from a very heavy menstrual period, we advise you to use moodies in combination with, for example, a cup or a tampon. We also advise you to purchase our heavy-overnight or super absorption.

We would also like to point out that it is wise to consult a doctor if you have extremely heavy menstruation. This could prevent complications later in life. Read more about this in our blog about heavy menstruation orheavy menstruation in teenagers

Does menstrual underwear also work for urine loss?

Moodies are ideal if you suffer from mild urine loss. 1 in 4 women will eventually suffer from this.

Especially when exercising, it can be very pleasant or just to feel confident.

The antibacterial washing used for the fabrics in the gusset ensures that no odors are released and it is hygienic. The waterproof layer ensures that you do not leak through. You can find more information about this in our blog about urine loss.

Is menstrual underwear hygienic?

Certainly! The first and second layers in the gusset have undergone an antibacterial wash, allowing you to wear moodies hygienically for 8-10 hours. This washing remains active for approximately 50-75 washes.

If you are bothered by odors, it is best to give the pants a more intensive cleaning. You can read more about this on the How do was my moodies page.

do you feel wetness when wearing moodies menstrual underwear?

The top layer of the gusset is made of a sports fabric that allows blood or urine to pass through easily and does not give a wet feeling.

If you have always worn tampons, you will have to get used to the feeling of blood flowing from your vagina into your panties. That's actually very natural.

We recommend trying the pants at home for the first time on a quiet day.

can I combine other menstrual products with moodies?

If you have moodies with the correct absorption, you do not need additional menstrual products.

If you have a heavy period or if you want to feel more confident, it can be useful to combine menstrual underwear with a cup or a tampon.

how many moodies do I need to get through my period?

That of course depends on how often you wash, but assuming that is 1 or 2 times during your menstrual period, we estimate that you will need 4 to 5 pairs of pants.

Check our blog for more information about this.

Which absorption menstrual underwear should I choose?

Every woman has a different menstrual cycle. So you will have to decide that yourself.

For the night it can be nice to choose a heavy, heavy-overnight or super absorption, and this also applies to days when you have heavy menstruation.

On days when you normally menstruate, a moderate or moderate-heavy is nice and if you think you might lose a drop, the light is recommended. Read more about the different absorptions of moodies menstrual panties here.

TryYour Perfect Match for tailor-made advice.

when should you change your period underwear?

With an average period you can wear moodies for a whole day or night (8-10 hours). But every period and every body is different, and if your flow is intense, the cross cannot absorb it all at once. Then choose heavy or heavy-overnight absorption, sometimes with an additional solution such as a tampon or cup.

We recommend trying it first for a day when you are relaxed at home, so that you can really experience how it works for you. And a trick: if the seams in the crotch become damp, it's time to change!

why is wearing moodies menstrual underwear good for the environment?

An average menstruator produces 60-90 kilos of menstrual waste (tampons and sanitary towels) in a lifetime. This contains a lot of plastics and often even chemicals.

By wearing menstrual underwear, we together reduce waste and make the planet a little happier. Read more about the sustainability of moodies here.

is moodies menstrual underwear vegan?

Our menstrual underwear and packaging are completely vegan. No animal products have been used.

what is an antibacterial wash?

An antibacterial wash is a wash with silver chloride to ensure that the pants can be worn hygienically for 8-10 hours and prevent odors.

RUCO-BAC is used for the antibacterial washing. This is a biocide that is used as a wash to kill bacteria, fungi and/or viruses. In this way, on the one hand, the skin and mucous membranes are protected against inflammation and infections and, on the other hand, the multiplication of bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor is inhibited.

This washing is permanent and is not harmful to the skin.

how were your moodies?

Should I wash menstrual underwear before using it?

Of course! That is actually very important.

Not only from a hygienic point of view, but especially because the absorbent fabric in the pants does not work if it has not been washed first.

Compare it to a new towel! You won't get dry if you dry yourself with it if you haven't washed it first.

So first wash at 30 degrees! And be sure to check the washing instructions !

How often can you use and wash moodies menstrual panties?

If the washing instructions are followed, moodies will last at least 50-60 washes, so depending on how often you wear them you can use them for at least 3 years.

what do I do with my moodies menstrual pants after I rinse them?

Once you have worn the moodies, rinse them under the tap or in the shower. Then you hang the moodies over the edge of your laundry basket or somewhere else until you start washing. Of course, you don't have to do separate laundry for the moodies.

Make sure you don't use fabric softener (pods also contain fabric softener) and don't put them in the dryer.

can I centrifuge moodies menstrual underwear?

You can simply centrifuge your moodies with your other laundry. Do not put the moodies in the dryer afterwards, as this is not good for the water-repellent layer. Hang the moodies inside out to dry.

With the cross out.

I put my moodies menstrual pants in the dryer, can I no longer use them?

It is not recommended to put the moodies in the dryer, but if this happens accidentally, it does not mean that it no longer works.

The moodies will wear out faster the more often they are put in the dryer.

why can't I use fabric softener?

Fabric softener puts a kind of layer over your laundry, so to speak, that does not improve absorption.

You can also use organic natural vinegar instead of fabric softener (in the container where you normally put fabric softener). This softens the fabric, has an antibacterial effect and has the added advantage that it is good against limescale from your washing machine.

I used fabric softener, can I no longer use my moodies?

Fabric softener places a kind of layer around the water-repellent and absorbent layer that can affect its effectiveness.

If it happens, rinse your pants with water and a little natural vinegar and then put them in the washing machine at 40 degrees. Then try your moodies at home or in a safe place first.

returns and ordering

can I return moodies?

You can return your moodies within 40 days of your first purchase if you don't like it. We will destroy the pants that have been worn for hygienic reasons.

From the 2nd purchase onwards, you can only return your moodies within 30 days of purchase if the pants have only been tried on and the size is not correct. Make sure the pants are clean and neatly back in the packaging.

We donate pants that have only been tried on to various organizations that care about poverty (see more about our moodies program against menstrual poverty here).

We would like to ask you to register your return with us here .

Return costs will not be reimbursed by Moodies. If you wish to return, please send your product to:

Moodies BV Returns
Nieuwe Hemweg 2
1013 BG Amsterdam

Please state the order number on the package or on a piece of paper in the package so that we know to whom we must refund the purchase amount.

can I exchange moodies?

If you want to exchange your moodies, we ask you to return the pants you want to exchange to us (see below). As soon as we have received the pants in good order, we will refund the purchase price. you can then purchase new pants yourself.

If you would like the same model but a different size or color, we can also exchange it, please indicate this when you register your return with us (see link below).

You can return your moodies within 40 days of your first purchase if you don't like it .

From the 2nd purchase onwards, you can only return your moodies within 30 days of purchase if the pants have only been tried on and the size is not correct. Make sure the pants are clean and neatly back in the packaging.

We would like to ask you to register your return with us here .

Return costs will not be reimbursed by Moodies. If you wish to return, please send your product (mentioning the order number on the package or on the sheet in the package) to:

Moodies BV Returns
Nieuwe Hemweg 2
1013BG Amsterdam

when can I expect my moodies?

If you place an order before 10 p.m., we will deliver it to PostNL or DHL the same day.

In the Netherlands the package will most likely be delivered the next day, in Belgium this may be a few days later.

can I track my order?

Once you have placed the order, we will get started.

As soon as the package has been registered with PostNL or DHL, you will receive a tracking code in your email with which you can track the package.

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free within the Netherlands and Belgium.

Outside the Netherlands and Belgium we charge €7.95 shipping costs when you spend up to €100 (Italy, Germany, France and Spain, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark).

We do not charge shipping costs for orders over €100.

Are there shipping costs abroad?

We do not charge shipping costs to Belgium.

For orders up to €100 abroad (Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Sweden, Ireland, Denmark) we charge shipping costs of €7.95.

We do not charge shipping costs for orders over €100.

What can I do if the fit is not right for me?

Every body is different and therefore pants may not fit properly. We like to hear this because we collect all feedback to make adjustments to a particular model if necessary.

The seamless (highwaist) hiphugger can sometimes be a bit stiff at first or cut at the groin. This often goes away after a day of wearing, or you can carefully stretch the legs yourself.

If the fit is really not nice, you can of course return the pants, check our returns policy .

frequently asked questions menstrual swimwear

can you swim with menstrual swimwear?

With light menstruation, menstrual swimwear also allows you to swim. It is important that the swimwear fits well.

If you have a heavier menstruation, we recommend putting on the swimwear right before swimming, and changing immediately after swimming. Or combine the swimwear with a cup or tampon.

Is there any menstrual swimwear with higher absorbency?

We have done a lot of research on crotch and swimwear that keeps menstruation in during swimming.

In our opinion, with heavy menstruation, this is not possible without additional protection zoasl a cup or tampon.

I am between two sizes, which one should I choose?

It is important that it fits well at the buttocks. If you are unsure about the size then better a little smaller than a little larger so.

how to wash menstrual swimwear

After rinsing it out, just put it in a 40-degree wash. No fabric softener, and let dry outdoors.

The shorts dry very quickly.

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