Dit is waarom het handig is meer te weten over menstruatie en sporten

This is why it is useful to know more about menstruation and sports

The cycle affects how you feel. Your energy can fluctuate considerably and so can your self-confidence and concentration. From huge ups to downs and back again. That may scare you, but you can also make use of the different energies in your cycle and tailor your training accordingly. It has been proven that menstruation has more influence on exercise than you might initially think.

We read more about menstruation and sports. This is thanks to big names such as Dutch speed skater Jutta Leerdam. On December 22 2022, she suffered from severe menstrual complaints and discussed this. Despite these complaints, she won the 1000 meters a day later with a considerable lead. “I haven't felt well at all the past few days.”


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The English football star Leah Williamson also announced that she may have severe abdominal cramps due to endometriosis. She was concerned about her contribution to the European Championships last summer and announced this via The Guardian.

It seems very logical that your period can have an effect on your performance, especially if this is a heavy period with a lot of blood loss. But not only heavy blood loss affects performance in sports, hormones also play an important role here, and therefore there is an effect for everyone who menstruates. Let us first explain what exactly that cycle is.

How does the cycle work again?

The cycle is therefore the period between the 1st day of your period and the last day before your period again. On average this is 28 days, but this can vary considerably, between 24 and 31 days. For many people the cycle is quite regular, but this can also be different every month.

Various things happen in your body during your cycle, all of which are controlled by hormones. Hormones are substances that your body produces itself and that provide communication in your body via the bloodstream, thus controlling organs and tissues to regulate all kinds of bodily functions.

Everything that happens in your body at different times throughout the cycle is quite ingenious and complicated. We explain it here as simply as possible.

your cycle also has 4 seasons

You can divide the cycle into 4 periods, these are also called the seasons: winter: menstrual phase, spring: follicular phase (towards ovulation), summer: ovulation, autumn: luteal premenstrual phase. Read more about the seasons of the cycle here.

How and why do we take menstruation and cycle into account during exercise?

Professional athletes are increasingly using menstrual coaches in their training. They do this in order to take the physical capabilities of their body into account. Training as if there is no menstruation can really exhaust your body, and that certainly does not benefit a professional athlete.

recreation sports moodies

It is also important for recreational athletes to take the cycle into account during training and competitions. Especially if you have a heavy menstrual period, it goes without saying that you will be able to perform less due to temporary anemia. Especially during the heavy days of your period. But even if you don't have very heavy periods, it is better for your body to take some rest during the heavier days.

If you keep track of which phase of the cycle you are in, you can adjust the intensity of your exercise accordingly. You can do this, for example, by tracking your cycle in an app. You can also try to get to know your body better and feel and see which phase you are in. We'll tell you more about that next month.

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