Waarom menstruatieondergoed zo top is bij sporten: ontdek hier!

Why menstrual underwear is so great for sports: find out here!


Exercise is very important, but having your period can sometimes be quite inconvenient if you want to be active. Fortunately, there is now: menstrual underwear! In this article we will look at why this is so useful for girls like you while exercising.


Menstrual underwear offers protection and security

One of the best things about menstrual underwear is that it provides excellent protection during exercise. It is much better than regular tampons or sanitary pads and helps prevent leaks. This way you don't have to worry while exercising!


Mega comfortable and you can exercise freely

Menstrual underwear is made to be comfortable and gives you complete freedom to move. It feels nice and soft on your skin, so whether you run with boyshorts, do yoga with a cheeky or swim with Moodies menstrual swimwear, this underwear adapts to you. This way you can enjoy your workout without worrying about sanitary towels sliding around. And an additional advantage is that it also absorbs sweat.


Good for the planet

What's great is that menstrual underwear is better for the planet. It is reusable, unlike the disposable products that contribute to waste and require a lot of water and plastics to produce. And besides being good for the environment, it also saves money in the long run.


No strange odors during exercise

No one wants to worry about weird smells, right? With menstrual underwear you don't have to do that. It is made of material that neutralizes odors, so you always feel fresh and confident, even during the most active workouts. This is because the absorbent layers in the pants have undergone an antibacterial wash, which is not harmful to your skin, but which does tackle bacteria.


In short, menstrual underwear is the perfect solution for girls who want to keep moving, even when they have their period. It protects, feels comfortable, is good for the planet and prevents strange odors. So, girls, complete your sports outfit with menstrual underwear and enjoy your favorite activities without any worries! 💪🩲

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