Wanneer word je voor het eerst ongesteld?

When do you get your first period?

If you have already developed some breast development, are growing some pubic hair, and are already seeing some white discharge in your panties, then your hormones are already working nicely and you will soon have your first period. Usually this is somewhere between the ages of 11 and 15, but exceptions younger and older also occur, and that is not surprising and you do not have to worry.

If you have not yet had your period when you are 16, and you are already developing breasts and pubic hair, then your period will come naturally and you do not have to worry. You can of course always consult with your GP if you wish.

A later menstruation can also be caused by:

  • this runs in the family, just check your mother, aunts and grandmothers,
  • or because you are a fanatic sport,
  • or if you are skinny or on a heavy diet.


What happens when you menstruate?

You then lose some blood mixed with mucus from your vagina. The period - or it is also called menstruation - usually lasts about 5 days, but this can also be shorter or longer. During the first few years, your period is usually very irregular, which is very inconvenient. It can occur again after 3 weeks or sometimes only 6 weeks later. After a few years this will become much more regular. The blood can also take on different colors during your period. You can read why in our blog: Today is red: this indicates the color of your menstrual blood.


Would you prefer menstrual pants for the first period?

In any case, you want to have something in the cupboard for when your period comes. We think that (washable) sanitary towels or menstrual pants are the most comfortable, so that you can move comfortably and do not have to put thick sanitary towels that can shift in your underpants. Also make sure you have a storage bag with menstrual pants in your school bag. Of course, you can also get your first period at school.


Not feeling well during your period

From a few days before your period until the end of your period, you may feel less comfortable, sometimes more emotional or more easily irritated. That has a lot to do with hormones in your body. So blame those hormones when you fight with your parents.


What can you do about menstrual complaints?

If it bothers you a lot, it is nice to take a little more rest and relax with a cup of tea. Some girls like to eat chocolate, so take the extra dark one. It contains magnesium, which can help reduce menstrual pain. But too much chocolate is not good either, the products below can help you feel fitter during your period:

  • green leafy vegetables, such as spinach for some extra iron.
  • legumes for fiber.
  • yogurt and milk (calcium) could relieve the pain somewhat.

If you are experiencing a lot of discomfort, it is wise to discuss this with your doctor. You can also take special painkillers.


Pimples and menstruation

About half of girls experience pimples just before their period. Hormones are the culprit, they cause excessive sebum to be produced. If you want to know more about hormone balance, read our blog about it.

Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do about it. The best thing to do is to stay away from it, and that is precisely what is so difficult. Of course you can go to a skin specialist, maybe just go with your mother.


Sex and menstruation

You may not be ready for that yet. But it is important to know that you are fertile from your first period, or sometimes a little before that, and can therefore become pregnant if you have sex with a boy. If you are already interested in sex, it is important to look into the options for contraception, and we recommend that you use a condom anyway. This is both to ensure that you do not become pregnant and to ensure that you cannot contract any communicable diseases.


Would you like more information about getting your period for the first time? Then take a look here .

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