Collection: girls

Fine menstrual pants made of bamboo, in different models, sizes and colors or print for girls.

The new way to menstruate! Period underwear can accommodate light to normal menstruation for approximately 8 to 10 hours without the need for tampons and/or sanitary towels. How does moodies menstrual underwear work?

Moodies has invested a lot of time in developing a super absorbent gusset, which also remains dry to the touch. The gusset contains 3 extra layers of technical fabrics which ensure that it continues to feel dry, that it absorbs well and that it won't leak through. And yet the cross is only 2-3 mm thick.

You can use Moodies menstrual underwear for at least 3 years if you treat it properly. This is slightly different from normal underwear to maintain the quality of the water-repellent layer and the absorbent layer.

In any case, it is important that when you use the underwear for the first time, you wash it first. Not only is this hygienic, it is also necessary to activate the absorbent terry cloth in the gusset.

If you have worn it, rinse it under the tap or shower until the water runs clear. Then hang it over the laundry basket until you can wash it with the normal laundry at a maximum of 30 degrees, without fabric softener.

And once it has been washed, it should not be put in the dryer. Hang it out until it dries and you can wear it again.