40 day trial for new customers - free shipping - replaces pads and tampons for up to 10 hours
40 day trial for new customers - free shipping

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very thin gusset

The gusset is only 2 mm thick and still absorbs between 1 to 4 tampons, dependent on the absorption level you choose.

no odor & hygienic

A technical antibacterial washing makes the absorbing breathing fabric in the gusset odorfree and hygenic.


Our undies can last up to 50 washes, if the washing instructions are being followed. They can last up to 2-3 years.


Within a lifetime we use 90 kilo’s of pads or 60 kilo’s of tampons on average (Milieu Centraal). Help the planet with less waste!

How does it work

We can imagine that you can hardly believe that period blood or bladder leaks can flow in Undies without leaking, and that you might have a lot more questions on this subject. Is het hygienic, how long can I wear it, how do I wash them, etc. On our FAQ page you can find a lot of answers, and if you don’t find the answer to your question please contact us through our contactform.

Start wearing moodies and help the planet bring down the amount of plastic waste! If you buy for the first time, and it’s not your cup of tea, you can return your garments within 40 days and receive your payment back.

what others say?

review Natasja

Ik ben fan! Wat een fijn broekje is dit. Ik voelde me er heel zeker in, ben niet doorgelekt en het zit heerlijk. Echt een aanrader.

Natasja Bouwmeester

Ik vind de pasvorm top. Ik heb het broekje overdag en in de nacht gedragen en zelfs tijdens het fietsen en het bleef goed op z’n plaats. Zoveel beter dan maandverband.

Linda Elstgeest

wash & reuse

Use them, wash them and reuse them, this way we can help nature deminish waste. After unpacking them, throw them in a washing machine first. That is to activate the terry in the gusset, as with a new towel. Read the washing instructions here.

Ongesteld gevoel

Laat me maar even… want ik ben ongesteld

Het eerste gedeelte van de zin hoor je nog wel, maar de reden (tweede gedeelte van de zin) wordt nog vaak achterwege gelaten. De menstruatie brengt vaak hormonale en psychologische klachten met zich mee, en die zijn voor iedereen anders. In sommige gevallen kunnen

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giving back

To contravenePeriod Poverty we cooperate with De Sociale Kruidenier (division of Food Bank) and we donate moodies to people that can sometimes not afford to buy Menstrual products. We are aware that this is like a drop in the Ocean, but every Person we can help is at least for 2 years provided (package of 5 pieces) .

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