Hoeveel menstruatieondergoed heb ik nodig en hoe vaak moet ik wisselen?

How much menstruation underwear do I need and how often should I change?

Menstrual underwear has become increasingly popular in recent years as a sustainable alternative to disposable menstrual products. And we are one of the biggest fans. It offers comfort and protection, but many people still wonder: how long can you actually wear menstrual underwear and how many do you need to get through your cycle without worries?


How long can you wear menstruation underwear?

How long you can wear menstrual underwear depends on the absorption and your flow. Our guideline is that you can wear our underwear for 8 to 10 hours. But this of course very much depends on how heavy your periods are. Therefore, keep a close eye on whether the sides of the crotch feel moist throughout the day. If this is the case, put on new pants and put the used pants in a leak-proof storage bag .

Do you find it exciting to only wear one pair of pants during your entire school or work day or do you not want to change pants? Then you can start the day with a tampon or cup in combination with pants. After a few hours you take it out and the pants catch the rest. Would you like more information about using tampons or a cup? Then read more at Gyn&Co .


How much menstruation underwear do you need?

This varies greatly per person and of course depends on the duration and intensity of your period. So it very much depends on your menstrual cycle. An average period lasts about five days, with the intensity varying.

If you use the pants for your period, we recommend having 4 to 5 pairs of pants in your drawer. This assumes that you wash a number of times during your cycle. You should assume that you use 3 pairs of pants per day during your heavier days. You then change clothes a little more often and therefore have to wash more. During your light menstrual days you often only use 2 pairs of pants. This is of course a personal preference, but with a supply of 4 to 5 pairs of pants you will get through your period just fine.

Is your period irregular and do you often wear moody pants before your period has started or do you have a very heavy menstrual flow? Then it doesn't hurt to have some extra pants at home. Then think of 6 to 8 pairs of pants. Of course, this also involves washing the pants a number of times.


How much underwear do you need for incontinence?

If you use moodies underwear because you suffer from (mild) incontinence, you will wear pants more often and for longer periods of time. Maybe you only wear them while exercising, then we recommend 2 to 3 pairs of pants. It is of course useful to wash them immediately after exercising. This can simply be put in the wash with your other sports gear. If you wear them all day several days a week, we recommend 5 to 6 pairs of pants. Wash the worn pants on the two days and then let them air dry.

Menstrual underwear is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional products, but also a practical solution for a more comfortable period. Have you never tried menstrual underwear before and want to find out whether it suits you? Then try one for the night first. The boyshort heavy overnight or the boyshort super are very nice models for this.

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