Collection: period swimwear women

Swimwear specially designed to accommodate light menstruation and incontinence. You can even swim with it. No seams visible on the outside!

Feel confident next to the pool with moodies menstrual swimwear

You're back on the beach or next to the pool. Our bikini bottoms are specially designed to absorb light menstrual. You can even swim with it, although the design of our first bikini bottoms is not designed for excessive swimming laps, but rather splashing around in the water. You can read more about swimming and menstruation in our blog.

The swimwear collection is also nice if you expect your period to arrive. The bottoms have a classic shape, making them easy to match with all types of tops.

How do menstruation bikini bottoms work?

The gusset contains a special mesh fabric that catches and traps leaks and odor. The mesh fabric also has a water-repellent layer that prevents moisture from entering the outer pants. The fabric has also been treated with an antibacterial wash, which makes it hygienic and does not smell.

The outer bottom of the bikini is made in such a way that it dries very quickly. Which is ofcourse very nice after a pool session. The pants are made of 82% recycled material from other clothing, which prevents it from being processed as waste. The remaining 12% is elastane.

The gusset consists of two layers. The first layer is an antibacterial mesh fabric made of 100% polyester. This makes the pants hygienic and prevents odors.

The second layer is made of PolyUthereen, which has a waterproof effect.

How long can you wear menstrual swimwear?

You can wear the menstrual bikini bottoms for a whole day up to approximately 8 hours, provided you have a light menstruation. If you are in doubt, take an extra pair of pants with you in a storage bag, where you can also store the used ones until you get home.

Menstruation bikini bottoms for girls

For girls who still find it difficult to wear tampons or cups, these bikini bottoms are indispensable in the suitcase and in the underwear drawer.

Washing instructions swimwear bikini bottoms

Wash the bikini bottoms before using them.

Rinse the pants after use when you are home. If you rinse the pants well, you do not have to wash them daily. After 2 or 3 days, wash at max 40 degrees, do not use fabric softener and do not tumble dry.