And just like that you're back on the beach or next to the pool. Our bikini bottoms are especially designed to absorb light menstruation and incontinence drops. You can even swim with it, although the design of our first bikini bottoms is not designed for swimming laps competitively, but rather splashing about in the water. You can read more about swimming and menstruation in our blog.

They are also nice if you expect your period to arrive. The bottoms have a classic shape, making them easy to match with all types of tops.

layer 1


The gusset contains a special mesh fabric that catches and traps leaks and odor. This mesh fabric also has a water-repellent layer that prevents moisture from entering the outer pants. The fabric has also been treated with an antibacterial wash, which makes it hygienic and does not smell.

layer 2


The second layer is a water-repellent substance (polyurethane) that ensures that you do not leak through.

pants that absorb moisture and repel water, how is that possible?

The secret is in the fit. Our swimwear must fit snugly to your body at the legs to ensure that the leak-proof technology can do its job properly while you run in and out of the water.

what is the difference between period swimwear and period underwear?

Our swimwear is completely different from our underwear. The technology is in the innovative design. Our gussets contain layers of absorbent fabric, also called terry, compared to swimwear which only has one absorbent layer. Namely the PU layer.

frequently asked questions about our menstruation swimwear

How long can you wear menstruation swimwear?

You can wear the menstruation bikini bottoms for a whole day up to approximately 8 hours, provided you have a light menstruation or mild incontinence. If you are in doubt, take an extra pair of pants with you in a storage bag, where you can also store the used ones until you get home.

Washing instructions swimwear bikini bottoms

Wash the bikini bottoms before using them.

Rinse the pants after use when you are home. If you rinse the pants well, you do not have to wash them daily. After 2 or 3 days, wash at max 40 degrees, do not use fabric softener and do not tumble dry. View the washing instructions for more information.

Is there also menstrual swimwear with higher absorption?

We have done a lot of research into a gusset and swimwear that keeps menstruation inside while swimming.

In our opinion, this is not possible with heavy menstruation without extra protection such as a cup or tampon.

I'm between two sizes, which one should I choose?

It is important that it fits well around the buttocks. If you are in doubt about the size, it is better to go slightly smaller than slightly larger.

What is a common myth surrounding menstrual swimwear?

That you start leaking as soon as you go into the water, or that you can't swim when you have your period unless you use a tampon. Which is not true at all! You can swim during your menstruation. You just have to take into account that you replace your pants on time.

  • RUCO-BAC© is used for the antibacterial washing. This is a thoroughly tested biocide that is used to kill bacteria. This protects the skin and mucous membranes against inflammation and infections, and prevents an unpleasant odor. This washing is permanent and is not harmful to the skin. Moodies has many models of menstrual swimwear for both women and girls .

    And because every period and every body is different, we recommend wearing your moodies at home on a relaxing day the first time to experience how long it works for you.

  • All layers are OEKOTEX © certified, which means that the product is environmentally friendly and human-friendly and therefore does not contain PFAS.

  • Wash your moodies before wearing your moodies . This is very important for hygiene. Of course, after you have first removed the hygiene sticker.

  • Rinse! Once you've worn your moodies, rinse them under the tap or take them into the shower before putting them in the wash. Then hang it on the edge of the laundry basket until you start washing again.

  • Wash at max 40º. Together with your other laundry. Use regular detergent or ecological detergent, but no fabric softener . Instead of fabric softener you can use organic vinegar. Centrifuging is no problem.

  • Do not put in the dryer . Hang your pants to dry. It is better not to put your moodies in the dryer because this can cause the technical fabrics in the crotch to lose their effectiveness.