washing instructions


Wash your moodies before wearing your moodies. This is very important. You can compare the absorbent fabric in the gusset with a towel: if you don't wash it, it won't absorb moisture.


Rinse! Once you've worn your moodies, rinse them under the tap or take them into the shower before putting them in the wash. Then hang it on the edge of the laundry basket until you start washing again.

40° degrees wash

Wash at max 40º. Together with your other laundry. Use regular detergent or ecological detergent, but no fabric softener. Instead of fabric softener you can use organic vinegar. Centrifuging is no problem.

air dry

Do not put in the dryer. Hang your pants to dry. It is better not to put your moodies in the dryer because this can cause the technical fabrics in the crotch to lose their effectiveness.


Sometimes the pants can use a big maintenance after a few months. Especially if you occasionally think that your panties are leaking more quickly, or if you think that they are starting to smell a little more.

With a more thorough cleaning once every three months you ensure that the Moodies last as long as possible. You can prevent unpleasant odors and everything remains hygienic and clean .

How do you perform a big maintenance?

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I wash period underwear before using it?

Not only from a hygienic point of view, but especially because the absorbent fabric in the pants does not work if it has not been washed first.

Compare it to a new towel! You won't get dry if haven't washed it first.

So first wash at 40 degrees!

How often can you use and wash moodies menstrual panties?

If the washing instructions are followed, moodies will last at least 50-60 washes, so depending on how often you wear them you can use them for at least 3 years.

can I centrifuge moodies period underwear?

You can simply centrifuge your moodies with your other laundry. Do not put the moodies in the dryer afterwards, as this is not good for the water-repellent layer. Hang the moodies inside out to dry.

With the gusset out.

I put my moodies menstruation undies in the dryer, can I no longer use them?

It is not recommended to put the moodies in the dryer, but if this happens accidentally, it does not mean that it no longer works.

The moodies will wear out faster the more often they are put in the dryer.

why can't I use fabric softener?

Fabric softener puts a kind of layer over your laundry, so to speak, that does not improve absorption.

You can also use organic natural vinegar instead of fabric softener (in the container where you normally put fabric softener). This softens the fabric, has an antibacterial effect and has the added advantage that it is good against limescale from your washing machine.

I used fabric softener, can I no longer use my moodies?

Fabric softener places a kind of layer around the water-repellent and absorbent layer that can affect its effectiveness.

If it happens, rinse your pants with water and a little natural vinegar and then put them in the washing machine at 40 degrees. Then try your moodies at home or in a safe place first.