Collection: our favorite maternity underwear

Postpartum, moodies are a gift (after the maternity week). No more fiddling with large sanitary towels.

But moodies are also very pleasant in the last weeks of pregnancy, when the bladder sometimes becomes a bit tight. Choose your own favorite model.

Nice leak-proof maternity underwear for moms to be and new moms

Our leak-proof pants are also very pleasant as maternity underwear or as postpartum underwear. Moodies has built-in absorbent protection and support for during pregnancy and after pregnancy.

Menstrual underwear during and after pregnancy

Moodies puts an end to the use of panty liners during your pregnancy, and to the use of thick sanitary towels after your pregnancy. At the beginning of your pregnancy theseamless hip huggerbe pleasant, and as the belly grows thebikini undie made of bamboo, which sits nice and low, is nice for you.

And when your little one is here, and there is a need for greater absorption, theboyshorts greator theseamless highwaist hiphugger heavypleasant. Both models fall over your stomach. You can of course also choose other models that may suit you better.

After pregnancy

In the beginning, when there may still be wounds, you will have to change your underwear more often than we recommend to prevent infections. Wounds that need to heal are a different story than menstruation or mild incontinence.

Once the wounds have healed, you can wear Moodies menstrual underwear for 8 hours if that feels comfortable. That will be different for everyone. In any case, you don't have to worry about leaks, and you can focus on your baby and don't forget to take good care of yourself too.

How does our absorbent underwear work?

No leakage, no odors and no wetness. And all this for 8-10 hours with an absorbent slip of only 2 mm thick. How is this possible? With 3 different layers, all made of fabric that is OEKO-TEX© certified. Each layer has its own effect:

  • The first layeris the layer of our absorbent underwear that is in contact with your skin. It is a nice soft sports fabric, it allows moisture to pass through easily and it dries quickly, leaving you with a dry and clean feeling.
  • The second layeris the absorbent layer that is in the middle of the layers of the absorbent briefs. This is a technical fabric (kind of terry cloth) that can absorb moisture well and spread it. This fabric has undergone an antibacterial wash, which makes it hygienic and hardly releases any odor.
  • The third layeris a waterproof layer. This layer in the absorbent pants prevents you from leaking. This fabric is waterproof and breathable at the same time, compare it to the latest thin raincoat.

Absorbent underwear is ideal, precisely because it offers a solution for several situations. This way you can use it not only for mild urine loss, but also as a urinary tract infectionmenstrual panties. So when you start menstruating again, you can continue to use these pants.