Wat is menstruatieondergoed?

What is menstruation underwear?

Welcome to a new era of menstrual products! If you haven't heard of menstrual underwear yet, it's high time you immerse yourself in this innovation. Menstrual underwear is an increasingly popular product that more and more people are talking about and are familiar with. We are often asked: “What is menstrual underwear?” and we are happy to answer that question.


What is menstruation underwear?

Menstrual underwear is underwear designed to collect menstrual blood. This way you don't have to use disposable products that are bad for the environment and you no longer have to replace your tampon or sanitary towels several times a day. Unlike disposable products, the special absorbent layer in menstrual pants collects the blood. This means you can wear the underwear for 8 to 10 hours without any problems.


How does menstruation underwear work?

Menstrual underwear consists of several layers that work together to keep you dry and comfortable, during the day or night during your period.

The gusset of the Moodies contains 3 technical layers of fabric and yet the gusset is only 2 to 3 mm thick. A combination of these layers makes our menstrual pants super absorbent, do not leak and still provide a dry feeling for 8-10 hours, without the need for other menstrual products.


The first layer in the period pants is made of a soft sports fabric (94% polyester / 6% elastane) that quickly allows moisture to pass through, keeping you feeling dry. An absorbent terry cloth (100% polyester) has been created as a second layer that spreads and absorbs moisture. And the last and third layer is a water-repellent substance (polyurethane) that ensures that you do not leak through!


All layers are OEKOTEX © certified, which means that the product is environmentally friendly and human-friendly and therefore does not contain PFAS.

Many people wonder whether leak-proof underwear will smell after such a long wearing time. But do not worry! The layers also have an antibacterial wash, which prevents unpleasant odors.


How do you maintain menstruation underwear?

Maintaining your Moodies menstrual pants is easy. When you receive the pants, it is wise to throw them in the wash immediately. This is very important, because the absorbent fabric in the gusset is comparable to a towel: if you do not wash it, it will not absorb moisture.


Once you have worn the menstrual pants, rinse the pants. You do this under the tap or take it with you in the shower. Then hang it on the edge of the laundry basket. It can then be added to the next colored laundry at 40º.


Please note that menstrual pants cannot withstand fabric softener and should not be put in the dryer! You can use organic natural vinegar and add a drop of essential oil for a pleasant scent. This way the pants stay fresh for a long time!


Benefits of sustainable menstruation underwear:

  1. Eco-friendly : Because menstrual underwear is washable and reusable, it generates less waste than disposable pads and tampons. This makes it a more sustainable option.
  2. Comfortable : It is made of a soft fabric and the gusset is between 2 to 3 mm thick for all absorptions. This ensures that it feels no different than normal underwear.
  3. Cost-effective : Although it may be an initial investment, it is cheaper in the long run than repeatedly purchasing disposable products.
  4. Convenience : It is a lot easier to use compared to most menstrual products. You need to replace this about every 3 hours, compared to 8  up to 10 hours for menstrual underwear.


Can you swim in menstruation underwear? what is menstrual underwear? Menstrual swimwear

Swimming with our normal period underwear is not recommended. However, we have a special collection dedicated to menstrual bikini bottoms . You can wear these as you normally would with bikini bottoms. You can then simply enjoy swimming without any extra worries!




Can you also wear menstruation underwear for incontinence?

Yes, this is definitely possible! The menstrual panties are also very nice if you suffer from (light) urine loss . Many women suffer from this after, for example, childbirth or as a result of weakened pelvic floor or bladder muscles. Our incontinence pants allow you to do everything you want effortlessly and confidently without fear of urine leakage.

You finally know what menstrual underwear is, but do you still have questions? Then view our FAQ or contact us.

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