Lekvrij ondergoed: 40 dagen bedenktijd bij je eerste aankoop

Leak-proof underwear: 40 days' reflection period on your first purchase

We all want to get through your day and night without stress. Especially during your menstrual period or if you suffer from incontinence, you don't want to worry about leakage. With our leak-proof underwear you can wear it all day long and feel free to move. Discover your ideal anti-leak underwear with our selection aid and replace sanitary towels, tampons and panty liners for 8 to 10 hours.

When do you use anti-leakage underpants?

Anti-leakage underwear is made for every menstruating woman. It is a comfortable solution for adolescent girls who are having their period for the first time, but for women who have been menstruating for years it is nice to switch to leak-proof underpants. You can also use our anti-leakage underwear after giving birth or if you suffer from sweat, discharge or light urine loss. Moodies can also be used as incontinence underwear . In short, we have suitable leak-proof underwear for everyone. And the great thing is, it collects up to 35 ml of moisture:

  • Before, during and after your period;
  • Separation;
  • Urine loss/mild incontinence;
  • After labia surgery and
  • After birth.

How our leak-proof underwear works built-up gusset incontinence pants

Do leak-proof underwear feel wet? No! A comforting thought, isn't it? It is of course not a nice idea if your pants feel constantly damp. The first layer of the leak-proof underwear quickly wicks away moisture, leaving the pants feeling dry. The middle layer absorbs moisture and the antibacterial wash keeps it hygienic and stops odors, so you stay dry and fresh. And the third layer is an extra water-repellent layer. For a detailed explanation, see our how it works page.

Different types of leak-proof underwear for women and girls

We have different styles and colors of anti-leak underwear. Choose your favorite style. For summer days we have lighter colors in the form of a beige seamless hip hugger and bamboo menstrual pants are nice for sleeping and exercising. We also have seamless leak-proof briefs that are great for wearing under tighter clothing or during exercise, and pants with lace to make you feel a little more beautiful and sexier during your period. We even have a special line with 3 bamboo models for teenagers. Choose from different colors, a cool style or the nicer pants.

In addition to different styles and colors of anti-leakage underpants, we also divide the leak-proof briefs into six different levels. The six different absorption crosses range from light to super. View our absorption page or find your perfect match with our selection aid. Here you answer a number of questions and then you will know exactly which leak-proof underpants suit you.

Sustainable choice

sustainable choice of leak-proof underwear

With proper delicate care, leak-proof underwear for women has a lifespan of 2 to 3 years. This depends on how often you wear and wash the anti-leak underwear. And in addition to the long lifespan of our menstrual underwear, it is also a good choice for your wallet and the environment.

If you get through your period with 5 pairs of our leak-proof underwear over a period of 2 to 3 years, you will save approximately 150 to 200 euros. On average we spend € 12.05 per month on sanitary towels or tampons, according to a study in an article by the dragonfly . It also saves around 250 to 300 disposable products every year.

Help someone with menstrual poverty

Moodies donates 5% of all pants sold to various organizations that help reduce menstrual poverty. Did you know that in Amsterdam alone, 25% of girls and ladies sometimes don't have enough money to buy menstrual products? A few Moodies can help a person living with menstrual poverty for a number of years. So with your purchase you help someone who desperately needs it!

How often should you change anti-leakage underpants?

Just as every woman changes her tampon or sanitary towel at a different time, it also varies per person how often you change your absorbent underwear. We use a safe rule of thumb: on your light to medium days you can wear our leak-proof underwear for 8 to 10 hours. When the day is over, it is best to put on a clean one again in the evening when you go to bed. But we can also imagine that it is a nice idea to change things a little more often, for example when you come home from school or work, and just before you go to sleep.

It is useful to have several copies in your cupboard. Make sure you have around five to seven pairs of our leak-proof underwear in the drawer to get through your period comfortably. You will then have to wash your leak-proof underwear once or twice during your period, depending on the length of your period.

For some days it can be nice to take clean menstrual pants with you in a handy waterproof storage bag . You can also safely take your used pants home with you. You can simply wash the storage bag with the pants at 30 degrees. For girls and women who have heavy periods, it can also be nice to combine wearing menstrual underwear with a cup or tampon.

Washing instructions for leak-proof underwear

Wash the underwear before using it for the first time to activate absorption. Just think of a new towel, you have to wash it first because otherwise it will not absorb well. After wearing, wash the anti-leakage underwear as follows:

Rinse the pants under the cold tap after use during menstruation.


#1 Rinse the pants until you no longer see any red color in the rinse water.

When used for incontinence, rinsing is not that important, but it can do no harm.

#2 When you wait to wash them, hang the underwear over the edge of the laundry basket. Do not soak the slip in a bucket of water. This can affect the absorption capacity.

#3 Wash the underpants at 30 degrees, without fabric softener. Instead of fabric softener, you can use natural vinegar, which has the added advantage that it is also good for your washing machine.

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#4 Dry the leak-proof underpants on the washing line and never in the dryer. The heat of the dryer affects the waterproof layer, reducing its effectiveness.

#5 Let the underpants dry thoroughly so that they can absorb heavily again!

Do you have any further questions about the use of anti-leakage underwear? View our FAQ or contact us. We are happy to help you with all your questions and any doubts.

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