Collection: bamboo girls

How nice bamboo is! It feels softer than cotton and can absorb moisture more easily. So it feels drier quickly. Less water and less poison are needed for production. This also makes the planet a little happier.

Bamboo is a natural product with unique properties that distinguish it from cotton or microfiber. We have listed for you below what makes bamboo so special.

Bamboo is super soft

Bamboo fibers are very soft, comparable to silk thread. This makes bamboo underwear feel super soft and fits smoothly on the skin.

Anti bacterial and hypo allergenic

The bamboo fiber has a round cross-section, which means there is less resistance and much smoother yarns can be made. This makes bamboo underwear feel softer. Because bamboo also has a naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal fiber, it does not stink easily, even through sweat. Bamboo is therefore ideal to use for menstrual underwear and these properties mean that bamboo is also very nice for people who suffer from sensitive skin or who have allergies.


Bamboo is a crop that grows very quickly, can grow anywhere and requires much less water to grow. So it can be grown easily and quickly. There are also hardly any pesticides required for the growth of bamboo if you compare it to cotton. An additional advantage of the rapid growth in combination with little water is that bamboo grows well on relatively poor soil, which means that this soil can also be used to produce bamboo and scarce, rich agricultural land is not required. Due to all these advantages, bamboo yields approximately 10x more harvest per square meter than cotton and bamboo absorbs 35% more CO2 than other plants.

Bamboo keeps the skin dry

Bamboo underwear can also absorb moisture better, keeping it dry for longer. The bamboo fiber can absorb up to 3x as much moisture as cotton. Due to its unique hollow structure, it also evaporates faster and therefore dries faster.

Bamboo can regulate heat

The open structure of the bamboo fiber ensures that the underwear regulates heat. This means that it remains cool in the summer and nice and warm in the winter.